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Last year Boston’s Revilers blew me a away with their debute full-length. The band seems to have found a perfect balance beween Oi! and HC.
In anticipation of a 4-way double 7″ featuring The Revilers, co-released by Black Hole Records (USA) and my own Aggro Beat (Europe) i contacted the band for an interview. All questions are answered by Jared (guitar & vocals)

April 2013 – band website


First of all can you please introduce the band and the members?
I’m Jared, I play guitar and vocals. The others are Crobar – guitar, Corey – bass guitar, and Dave – drums. We go by some aliases on our records.

How would you describe your music? Next to Oi! & punk i also hear rock’n’roll and hardcore ifluences..
That pretty much sums it up.  I never liked it when bands put out a couple of good records, then took a sharp turn in their style.  At the same time, I understand it can get boring, writing the same stuff over and over, and bands need to change things up. We wanted to establish, from the beginning, that we had different influences, and hopefully try to blend them successfully and be able to branch off as time went on but not derail our sound in the process.

Your sound  doesn’t fit in one category and you also work with a label which mainly focusses on metal. Do you think the audiance you attract is more varied than at regular punk shows?
I’m not sure what the regular punk audience is anymore. It seems like the people that don’t like us tend to be purists. They don’t like that we fuck up hardcore by adding melodic leads, or that we play guitar solos because “that’s not punk”. Some people don’t like the songs with slight metal influence, or that my vocals are too heavy. We don’t give a fuck. Those people like everything in the box and that’s fine.

The people that listen to the Revilers are usually into a lot of music in general. Skinheads that like hardcore just as much as Oi!, metal heads that appreciate punk and vice versa. Hardcore kids that understand where hardcore came from, and people that realize Jerry Lee is the real king of rock n roll. As a band, we’ve never cared about purist scene bullshit and I think the people that come see us feel the same way. It’s a good mix at our shows.


Jared, you have an own studio and i know you recorded a band like Hammer & The Nails. Are you full-time sound engineer or is it merely a hobby?
I actually set up in their practice space for that recording. I’m building a studio in my basement but have run out of money.  It’s just a hobby. Construction is my full time job.

For your full-length you recorded the song Fifht Column, can you explain where this song is about and does it means more to you since the 15th of april?
The song deals with terrorism and makes reference to terrorists living as part of our society in hiding. Since April 15th, the lyrics are perhaps a little more erie because what happened was so close to home but overall, I feel the same.

History has shown that these types of extremists usually go undetected and eventually pop up in every corner of the political spectrum. While it’s a scary thought, that these are the people you know, it’s also important for people to live their lives, not fall to paranoia, and not give up liberty for a false sense of security.


Recently you toured with the Dropkick Murphys, how was it like to play with that band? Any nice touring stories to tell?
They were great guys and treated us very well. There entire road crew was very cool, we had a lot of fun. We did the tour with the 4 of us and our friend Steve in a cramped mini van, which we accidentally destroyed over the course of the tour. We got drunk every night, so it’s a bit hazy, but we got to see a secret Speakeasy in Chicago from the alcohol prohibition era. I got in a fight in Florida on our last day and the pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays helped me smooth it over with the club, which was awesome.

The best part of tour was meeting cool people. We met a couple of the guys from the band, Victory, in St. Paul.  Brian, the guitar player, let us stay at his house and hooked us up with beer and food, even with just meeting us. That’s the true spirit of what this music’s all about.

Your first full-length was recorded in the winter of 2010-2011, do you have any plans for new releases yet?
We have a few more shows booked and then I think we’re going to focus on getting some new material out there. We have a 4-way double 7″ coming out with Rust, Cracks & Scars, and the Guv’nors, which should be out soon. Each band has 2 songs I think.  Other than that, there’s talk of an Antibodies / Revilers split on Skinflint Music.  Then hopefully another full length at some point.


Click at the image(s) to purchase band releases from Aggroshop.com

Various – Mess With The Best double EP

Revilers LP

Revilers CD

Revilers / Bulldozer – Always making friends EP


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