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Old Firm Casuals / The Headliners – split EP

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Within a period of less than two years California’s Old Firm Casuals developped to one of the most productive bands within the Oi!-genre. The Headliners from France belong to the category of slower songwriters.


The Headliners released a little startling EP in 2009, but they made a huge impression on me with their full-length from 2011. Their attempt of Fast Cars’ The Kids Just Wanna Dance is just fabulous. It’s difficult to describe the band’s sound, but mod-revivalists who play Oi! might be a fitting description. The two new songs on this release more or less continue where the full-length left-off, altough i think these songs a have a rawer edge.

The Old Firm Casuals gained themselves a recognisable style of melodic Oi!-tunes. Lars and the boys are easy writers and got used to the work of songwriting. After several spinning of this EP We’re All Gonna Die Anyway grew out to my personal favourite, not only cause of the music but also because the lyrics breathe a ‘born to lose, live to win’ attitude.

40 / 40


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Old Firm Casuals / The Headliners – split EP

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