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LION’S LAW (France – Oi!)

Earlier this month i picked up the debute EP by the new French Oi! sensation Lion’s law and i was totally excited by this release. Apart from the music where i was thrilled about, i was happy to hear them sing in English, which makes them one of the few French bands where i can actually understand what they sing about. Soon the guys will release their first full-length. All questions were answered by Wattie (vocals).
April 2013 – band website


Can you please introduce the members and the band to us?
Lion’s Law is now a band by five guys , younger and older ones. It are Thomas on the drums, Pipa on the Bass, Louis and Daick for the guitars and me (Wattie) on the vocals. We’re all coming from Paris except Thomas who’s living in the suburbs close to Paris.

How did you guys meet and how did you came up with the idea of starting a band together?
Louis, Pipa and i are hanging together for a long time, we always made music together in real bands such as Maraboots and also in other Little projects.

We used to know Thomas as the legendary drummer from Komintern Sect so we asked if he wanted to got back in the Oi! Oi! Music and he said yes! We were really pleased! Recently we felt that we needed a second guitar player so we asked the best one we knew around, that’s how Daick joined us… He’s more into the hardcore scene but he also loves Oi!


Within a short period of time you recorded songs for a compilation and a full EP. Compared to your other band – Maraboots – Lion’s Law is much more productive. What’s the current status for Maraboots? Are you still alive as band?
Ahem… Yes Maraboots IS ALIVE! Our second guitarist Bobby is now fighting a war in Mali so we can’t play or record songs for the moment, but when he’s back, and i hope it will be soon, we will release new songs! We already got the songs! We just need our little Bobby…

And maybe i’m less productive now in writing songs, that’s right. But the truth is that Louis is writing the songs for Lion’s Law and he is a Real machine!!!

Most French bands also sing in French and i know the knowledge of English isn’t very common in France. Why do sing in english and do you find difficulties in expressing yourself in a different language?
Lion’s Law was Louis’ idea, he really wanted to bring our music outside of the French borders and for that we needed to sing in English. I don’t write the songs but i know that it’s easier to write in English than in French, even for us. Cause French is really hard to use without sounding like an idiot… In English you can say many things that you couldnt say in French.


I think your band name and also the cover artwork on your EP reffers to the Lion Of Belfort, am i correct?
Our band name only refers to something strong and something true. If you wanna be respected in the streets , you must show your strength , like a Lion applies his Law. The lion is also a symbol of pride and is of course an awesome animal. Concerning the lion on the cover, it’s just a statue at the end of my street, just a tough Lion!

Throughout the years France delived some high quality Oi! bands. Can you mention any new bands we should check out?
There Where so much good bands but now there is really a lack of bands. I hope you already know all these bands : The Janitors (who got back together lately), Bombardiers, The Daltonz, Gonna Get Yours, Salvation City Rockers, Youth Avoiders, Hardtimes (who will get back together soon) , Breakout, The Headliners and RU 486 are a new punk band from Paris with members of Maraboots and other close friends. That’ll make you a perfect playlist!


I heard you also recorded a full-length…
So, as Louis is a real songwriting machine, we often need to record the songs. On the first recording session we recorded 12 songs and we recorded another 12 Last month. Some were already on the first session but now we really have a bigger sound. The recording went really well, i can tell you That we had some popular guests on some songs and that the record will be out soon on UVPR in France and Contra Records in Germany!

Do you have any closing comments?
Thanks for your support Paul, hope to see you soon! Keep the Oi! Oi! Spirit!


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Lion’s Law – A Day Will Come LP + CD

Lion’s Law – Watch ‘Em Die EP

Various – La Force Dans La Oi! EP



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