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7er Jungs – Great Days In The Blitz 7″

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7er Jungs from Germany started in 2004 but unfortunately these years didn’t resulted in much releases. During their nearly ten years of existence they had more drummers than releases. After the band recorded their debute album in 2005 they sporadic recorded some new songs for compilations and singles. But maybe there is hope on the horizon, because after an EP in 2012 the band comes with a new release within a year.


The band has a recognisable dark and heavy guitar sound, but always without approaching a metallic atmosphere. Lots of German bands adopt that Deutschrock style these days, but the Jungs escape from uniformity with a more unique sound.

For the A-side the band recorded a new song called Great Days In The Blitz, which combines the typical 7er Jungs ingredients: the previously described guitar sound, the recognisable vocals and their characteristic drum sound (i love bands who understand why a snare drum is called a snare drum!).

For the flipside the band recorded a cover song from the punk/wave band Joy Division, or actually their precursor Warsaw. It’s admirable to hear how 7er Jungs acquired this song, because i doubt if people who aren’t familiar with Joy Division would recognise it as a cover song.



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