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The Fanatiques EP

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I know The Fanatiques from their contribution to the La Force Dans La Oi! EP and i think this is their first own release. Judging by the sound, the songs on this EP were recorded during a different session.


The artwork and the song titles refer to bands like Slaughter & The Dogs and Cock Sparrer, yet personally i hear parallels with english bands from the mid and late 70ies during the modrevival and the pre-punk days of pubrock.

The vocals on these recordings are more explicitly and prominently than on their contribution to the La Force Dans La Oi EP. The singers voice on this release is far from neutral so you’ll either love or hate the vocals. After some reservations i’m slowly joining the first group, but still i’m not entirely enthusiastic.

Musically it’s all perfectly fine. Nice tunes and i really like the combination of a pounding bass and a quietly guitar. After a few spinnings i doubt to make a comparison with some classic Chiswick records, but the guitar sound should be a bit looser for that.


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The Fanatiques EP

Various – La Force Dans La Oi! EP


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