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Lion’s Law – Watch ‘Em Die EP

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This is an EP where lots of people were waiting for. Lion’s Law is a new band from Paris, France, but all members earned their selves a decent reputation with other and previous bands like Komintern Sect, Maraboots, Street Kids and Burning Heads.


Because of the Komintern Sect connection i expected them to sound like those Chaos In French bands from the 80ies but the opposite is true. And altough the band sounds far from old-fashioned they remind me a bit to the more melodic bands that Knock Out Records used to release during the mid 90ies. But apart from this they wouldn’t amiss in between the current Pirates Press bands either.

Watch ‘Em Die on the A-side is a typical and knowable streetpunk song about politicians and how they try to ruin our lives. Tell The Boys is a nice singalong about their scene and the ups and downs it had.

City Streets on the flipside is without any doubt their best song. The song reminds me a bit to songs like Bored And Violent and Dead End Generation from Oxymoron’s Fuck The Ninetees album from 1995. Since this album had a huge impact on me as a kid i’m usually reluctant to make comparisons like this. Even though Lion’s Law has a different sound and Wattie’s vocals can’t be compared to Sucker’s voice, the singalong chorusses and the guitarriffs work out just as good.

It’s impressive to see a band already reaching this level on a debute release. They play tight and they breathe enthusiasm. I really hope they’ll reach a higher productivity than other current French bands.


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Lion’s Law – Watch ‘Em Die EP

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