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Bishops Green 12″

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When ex-members from bands like Alternate Action, The Lancasters, Subway Thugs and The Glory Stompers team up you know it’s gonna be good! And yes, Bishop’s Green is good.


Although the band was founded in 2011 they only needed a short period of time to write this debute 12″. Basically Bishops Green continued where Alternate Action left off: Melodic streetpunk, catchy guitar riffs and above all Greg’s unique voice.

Openings tune Tumbling Down is already circulating on the internet for a while and received nothing but enthusiastic reactions. The song Blinded is slightly faster than the others while Senseless Crime and The Crow were originally written for Greg’s and Orville’s previous band The Lancasters.

My personal favourites on this 12″ are Senseless Crime and the previous mentioned The Crow. Both songs are a bit slower and longer than the others and give more room to Greg’s vocals, which is exactly the band’s point.


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Bishops Green – Self Titled 12″


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