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The Shame – The World Is Ours EP

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The Shame from Tulsa, Oklahoma is a new band, but the members have been active within the punk and HC scene since the 80ies. The members played in bands such as Bring Down The Hammer, Assembly of God and my personal favourite Brother Inferior. Most of these bands won’t ring a bell among the skinheads, but i guess some HC kids will remember them.


Apart from HC, the Shame-members also shared a love for Oi! and streetpunk music. As part of a limited edition singles series by the American anarcho-punk label Profane Existence the band recorded four songs which were issued in five different versions: black, red, white, blue and last but not least on green-glow-in-the-dark vinyl.

Enough on peripheral issues… The band plays mid-tempo streetpunk. Probably because of their HC background they play a bit rougher and looser then the regular Oi! bands do. I recognise some Brother Inferior influences in their music, especially because of the pounding bass, but a comparison with for example Booze & Glory isn’t misguided either. Although living in the USA the members happen to be Arsenal supporters and next to football they sing about beer and factories closing down. The members take the risk to fall between two stools but i hope both HC kids as well as the skins will pick up The Shame.


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The Shame – The World Is Ours EP


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