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Marching Orders – Living Proof LP

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I was positively amazed by their Days Gone By LP, i was even more amazed by some of their singles, but the new albums beats everything. A grumbler like me could  always find a few weak spots on their previous releases, but not on this one. The band took three years to release a new album, the absence of any time pressure lead to this fruitful result.


The band starts off with Dog Eat Dog which can serve as a blueprint for their style; Street rock’n’roll with catchy guitar lines filled with some references to punk and pubrock bands from the late 70ies. During the rest of the album these Aussies hold on to the high level from the opening track.

It’s difficult to pick out a favourite tune as all songs are pretty much equally good. Despite this songs like the uptempo Callous World or the quiet Hand Of Fate immediately hold my attention. Yet also songs like Spirit Of 84 (with guestvocals by Iain Control), Place Called Home or the previous released Songs Of Yesterday are classics on their own.

I didn’t have to think long about how high to rate this album as only the maximum score is justified. This is no doubt the best album i heard since months. Comes in a print run of 1000 copies in three different editions.



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