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The Toughskins – Anger Management EP

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A few montgh ago i wrote a review on the Voi!ce Of America compilation featuring the reformed Toughskins. The original bass player took over the vocals while the rest of the members are new. Although there are clear musical interfaces between the old and new Toughskins, their name remains the principal constant factor.


Although i don’t spin their older records on a regular basis, the older Toughskins attracted me with their raw and simple sound which somehow reminded me to some English Oi! bands from the ’81-’84 era. On this new release the production and especially the guitars have a more modern sound. Some people prefer a more professional sound, yet i personally don’t dislike nostalgia.

The lyrics breathe a typical american working class attitude: anti-government, anti-political, having a beer and celibrating the weekend. Also the cover-artwork breathes the same attitude with a skinhead attacking the symbols from both the Republican and Democratic Party as they represent two sides of the same coin.

The music is more melodic than it used to be with more sing-a-longs and also the vocal sound less monotonous. Yet i think that with the more melodic vocals the band lost power and momentum. All in all this is a very solid EP with basically no lows but also with too little outliers to impress me.



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