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Noi!se – Rising Tide 12″

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After a more than decent EP called Walk Beside Us in 2010, Noi!se from Destiny City blew everyone away with their more than magnificent This Is Who We Are 10″ in 2011. As for granted the band settled in the top of today’s Oi! & punk scene. While working on a new record the band added a new guitar player and drummer to the line-up while they also left the Pirates Press / Longshot Music combo and signed to a revived GMM Records.


Running a recordlabel myself  i know that – no matter how hard you work – new releases always get delayed. But delayed is quite an understatement for a record which was announced for last summer. As time passed by, i became more impatient. Now I finally received the LP after months of impatience I can hardly suppress a feeling of disappointment.

Although Rising Tide was presented as a full-length there are just seven songs on it, of which three re-recorded songs! While the acoustic version of On The Outside adds something new to the existing version, the new recorded versions of the songs Blame and Brothers In Arms are weaker as the originals.

Next to these oldies the band delivers four new tracks of which the titletrack was already circulating on youtube for months. The song Rising Tide is phenomenal. The combination of melody, withheld anger and the recognizable voice is again succesfull. Also with new songs like Time Heals All Wounds and How The Deck Is Stacked Noi!se remained loyal to the style for which i love them.

Although i’m really enthusiastic with the new songs i remain somehow dissapointed by a full-length which isn’t full and actually filled with fillers. If they skipped the fillers and did this one as an EP i’d given a much higher rating. Yet they didn’t.



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