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Vindicate This! – BOTW! EP

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Poink Records from Germany is specialised in limited edtion vinyl issues. After great EP’s by bands from Byelorussia and Chile Carola & Co now come up with a new release from Swedish Vindicate This!


I was already enthusiastic about Vindicate This!’ previous EP and on their new EP they follow the line of catchy and melodic Oi! The band recorded four new tracks for this release in pretty much the same style as their previous. No fuss, no mess, just straight forward and mid-tempo Oi! tunes. The vocals sometimes sound a bit pinched but certainly not in an annoying way. Judging by the strong accent one could think they are from Southern Europe, but the band is truely Swedish.

During the chorusses it geven gets better, a song like Who Are You sounds a bit like some of the French Oi! bands from the 80ies, a comparison that occurs even more on the B-side with songs like All Bosses Are Bastards and Crime City Bullshit.

During the last few years the scene got overwhelmed with tons of bands playing Oi!-core, brickwall Oi! with growling vocals… Although i really like loads of these band and own a lot of those records, it may come as no surprise that bands like Evil Conduct and Booze & Glory do so well. It’s yet too early to mention Vindicate This! in the same row as those bands, but they are surely on their way.




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