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Hard Skin – On The Balls LP / Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear? LP

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After a classic first album, a classic second album and a classic singles collection the lads are back with the third wave of close shave. Just like their first and second shaves, all ingredients are included: “Bits of Sparrer, Rejects and Sham”, sing-a-longs and lyrics about drinking beer, eating, going to the pub, coppers and getting pissed.


Recently the band got criticised on the internet (where else) after they made a statement on some RAC-friendly bands and again the familiar tune about Hard Skin not being a real Oi! band started over again. Although drinking beer and having a laugh is the band’s main intention, they are active members of the punk scene since the 80ies and played in bands such as Thatcher On Acid, Wat Tyler and my personal favourite Schwartzeneggar. With Hard Skin the members pay homage to where it all started, Oi! Oi! Music!

But back to their new LP. I think everyone of us remembers when their Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts album came out in 1996 and the impact it had. Their 2004 album Same Meat Differet Gravy was good too, yet it didn’t approached their debute. Their new album is better, even better than their second shave i think.

But recording another new album was probably too superficial so the band invited female singers from accross the country to redo the vocals for another version. Their choices for invited singers reflects their wide taste for music. Next to members from bands like Vice Squad and The Adverts they also invited females who are active in indie-rock, singer and songwriter and even electro.

For me the female version wasn’t really necesarry as it adds little to the originals, yet with both new albums the band meets my expectations. Solid gold!


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