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Bricktop – Valhalla Bound EP

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Recently i received the first VOi!CE of America compilation which also features Bricktop. About the same time they also released an EP with four new tracks.


The band describes their music as thugrock. In my previous review i mentioned The Corps from Australia as a reference. When i listen to their EP i still hear a streetrock’n’roll sound, however, when the additional vocalists join in their sound gets a more hardcore sound.

Some parts in songs like H.F. Choppathug or STFU sound like they could been written during the wave of eurocore and NYHC during the mid 90ies. A band like Spider Crew might be a good reference, as they are just one of the few bands who still uphold the banner. But also Blood For Blood crosses my mind.

I think Bricktop might me be able to attract both Oi! and hardcore fanatics. Not only because their will appeal to both categories, but so does their combination of aggression and authenticity.



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