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Straight Laced – Violence On The Street EP

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I wasn’t familiar with this band before, but i’m happy i picked up this posthumous release. During their existence the band described theirselves as the only Oi! band in Louisville. If i’m correct this band defunct a few years ago, yet i’m not sure if ex-members are still active with any new bands or project.


Although recorded in 2004 this EP breathes nostalgia all the way and it makes you think that you are in the England of the early 80ies. This band appears where style, melody and aggro meet. Both self-written songs remind me a lot to a band like Red Alert but also bands like Infa Riot and the Angelic Upstarts cross my mind. For the flipside the band recorded the Last Resort song Violence In Our Minds. Even though it’s one of the most covered songs within Oi! music, their approach is from an excellent level and definitely worth listening.



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