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Aggroshop.com newsletter 9 (february 2013)

Welcome to the ninth newsletter from AGGROSHOP.com

Behind the scenes we’re working hard on some new (vinyl) releases. Stay tuned!

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New items FEBRUARY 2013 (click at the titles to view an item in our webstore)

P U N K / O I
Argy Bargy – Drink, Drugs And Football Thugs CD 12 euro
(London streetpunk featuring Cock Sparrer member. Their first album)

Booted Cocks – For Oneself CD 12 euro
(Japanese skinheads. The Real McKenzies meet Franky Flame)

Bricktop – Valhalla Bound EP 6 euro
(US streetpunk / thugrock)

Cervelli Stanki – 15 Years… Old Times, New Blood CD 11 euro
(Italian streetpunk, compilation)

Cervelli Stanki – Street Rock’n’Roll CD 11 euro
(Italian streetpunk, 2nd album)

Cervelli Stanki / Foreign Legion – Clockwork Kids Still Alive EP 5.50 euro
(Streetpunk from Italy and Wales)

Dipsomaniacs, The / Bayonets, The – Well Connected CD 12 euro
(Punk from Sunderland, England feat. Angelic Upstarts members and streetpunk from Novi Sad, Serbia)

Funeral Oration – selftitled CD 6 euro
(Long running dutch HC/punk band)

Glass Heroes / Mean Streets – split EP 6 euro
(Punk not unlike The Clash or The Ruts / catchy punkrock)

Hard Skin – On The Balls LP 12 euro
(The new album, pre-order)

Hard Skin – Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear LP 12 euro
(The new album, female vocals, pre-order)

Harrington Saints – Dead And Broke In The USA CD 12 euro
(America’s finest streetpunk. Debute full-length)

Loudmouth – Selftitled CD 12 euro
(Punkrock from Sunderland)

Oppressed – Antifa Hooligans CD 6 euro
(EP from 2011. CD-version comes with 12 bonus tracks)

Perkele – Confront LP (picture disc) 14.50 euro
(Swedish streetpunk. Cock Sparrer meets Vanilla Muffins meets The Templars)

Perkele – Från Flykt Till Kamp / Längtan LP (picture disc) 14.50 euro
(Swedish streetpunk. Reissue of both mini LP’s from 1998 and 2008)

Perkele – No Shame LP (Picture Disc) 14.50 euro
(Swedish streetpunk. Cock Sparrer meets Vanilla Muffins meets The Templars)

Perkele – Stories From The Past LP (picture disc) 14.50 euro
(Swedish streetpunk. Cock Sparrer meets Vanilla Muffins meets The Templars)

Perkele – Voice Of Anger LP (Picture Disc) 14.50 euro
(Swedish streetpunk. Cock Sparrer meets Vanilla Muffins meets The Templars)

Prowlers – Chaos In The City miniCD 7 euro
(Canada’s finest streetpunk. 5 songs)

Ramones – Adios Amigos CD 6 euro
(Their last studio album. Released in 1995, one year before their last gig)

Ramones – Loco Live CD 6 euro
(Recorded live in Barcelona)

Ramones – Leave Home CD 6 euro
(Second album from 1977. Remastered + 16 bonus tracks)

Ramones – Too Tough To Die CD 6 euro
(8th studio album from 1984. Remastered with 12 bonus tracks)

Red London – Pride And Passion EP 5 euro
(Sunderland punkband. Originally released as a 12″ EP, reissued on 7″ format)

Streets Of Rage – East Side Pirates LP 11 euro
(Debute LP from the new French streetpunk sensation. An Impressive debute!)

Strongbow / Dog Company – split EP 6 euro
(German streetpunk / American punkrock)

Various – Cashing In On Christmas vol.2 CD 12 euro
(Oi! & punk bands playing christmas inspired songs with Hateful, Revilers and more)

Various – Oi! This Is Streetpunk volume 2 LP 13.50 euro
(The Business, Marching Orders, Stomper 98, Argy Bargy, Rancid, Street Dogs, Booze & Glory…)

Various – Skinhead! It’s An Asian League CD 12 euro
(13 Oi! bands from Japan, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Malaysia and South-Korea)

R E G G A E / S K A
Brooks, Mike – Rum Drinker CD 6 euro
(Mike Brooks, backed by The Revolutionairies recorded at the mighty Channel One Studios)

Brown, Brown And King Tubby – Termination Dub (1973-79) CD 10 euro
(Original dub mixes by Osbourne ‘King Tubby’ Ruddock at King Tubby’s studio)

Heptones, The – Come Rain Come Shine CD 6 euro
(Cheap compilation, reggae legends)

Prince Jammy – Crucial In Dub LP 12 euro
(Classic dub album by Prince Jammy on Greensleeves Records)

Quartier Libre – Live, Speed & Kalark CD 12 euro
(Live album. French streetpunk band influenced by skapunk and reggae)

Two Tone Club – Turn Off LP 13 euro
(Ska / rocksteady sounds from France that reminds you of the 60ies)

B E A T / M O D
International Noise Conspiracy, The – Up For Sale 7″ 6 euro
(Swedish mod inspired pop and punk)

C O U N T R Y / B I L L Y
Bragg, Billy – Tooth & Nail CD/LP 16.50/20 euro
(The new album. Available late march 2013)

Cash, Johnny – The Sound Of Johnny Cash CD 6 euro
(Thirteenth Johnny Cash album)

Demented Are Go – Live And Rockin’ CD 6 euro
(Originally issued by Link Records in 1990 as part of the Live & Loud series)

Tailgators, The – self titled CD 6 euro
(English rockablly from the late 80ies. Originally issued on Link Records)

Turnpike Cruisers, The – Rockin’ Possessed 1984 -1986 CD 6 euro
(Blackpool psychobilly from the mid/late 80ies feat. ex-Zanti Misfitz members)

Collingwood, Jeremy – Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry: Kiss Me Neck book 17.50 euro
(An oldfashioned discography but with lots of bonus features like pictures, commentary)

Cash, Johnny – Silhouette T-Shirt (Black, L/XL) 10 euro
(White print on black shirt, sizes L & XL)

‘Fight For Your Class’ – black hooded sweater sizes L/XL 27.50 euro
(White print on black hooded sweater, 80% cotton / 20% Polyester, 280 g/m²)

Madness – London T-Shirt (white, M/L/XL) 10 euro
(Black print on white shirt, sizes M, L & XL)

Movie – Rise Of The Footsoldier DVD 5 euro
(The movie follows Carlton Leach from football hooliganism to his rise to power as criminal)

Stanley Kubrick DVD Box (10 DVD’s) 35 euro
(DVD box with 5 DVD’s directed by Stanley Kubrick, 4 movie documentaries and 1 documentary on Stanley Kubrock)

Black Flag – metalpin 3.50 euro
(Black Flag Logo)

Boots – metalpin 3.50 euro

Jamaica Trojan – metalpin 3.50 euro
(Jamaica Trojan)

Skingirl – metalpin 3.50 euro

Downtown Struts, The ‎- Anchors 7″ 5.50 euro
(American punkrock on Pirates Press)

Madball – Infiltrate The System LP 13.50 euro
(NYHC legends, 6th full-length)


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