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Prins Carl – No Mercy LP

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Punk and Oi! bands in Sweden pop up like mushrooms during the autumn. And although Prins Carl exists since 2001 they only draw attention since a they established a stabel line-up. In 2011 the band released their debute CD and last year the band recorded a few demo tracks to create some interest from record labels.


One year later the band releases their second album. Their style remained the same, midtempo streetpunk with pounding bass and an unpolished sound. So compared to fellow Swedish bands like Perkele or Anti Pati the band took a different direction. Something i appreciated about Prins Carl’s previous releases are the lyrics. They try to tend away from the cliché lyrics and next to songs about drinking and fighting they also sing about society related issues.

The band has no intention to renew the punk genre, but innovation is not necessary to convince. The enthusiasm and energy which is demonstrated by the band should be enough motivation to buy this record.



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