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The Prowlers – Hate Us EP

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During the last few years this Montreal skinhead outfit was extremely quiet. Honestly i thought they quit, but singer Sylvain explained “we just took a longer break than it was expected”. Although the band released some splits releases the last years (includign a live DVD with The Oppressed) their last full length dates from over over ten years ago.

Hate Us

Now the band has a stable line-up again they are working on a new full-length. As a teaser for their new album they recorded three new tracks for an EP which – just like in the old days – got released through Mad Butcher Records from Germany.

Opening song Hate Us is a great mid-tempo Oi! song with growling vocals, catchy guitar lines, sing-a-long chorusses. Suburban Trash is a big fuck you to trendy wankers who “wait in line for the next trend”. In the country where i live in (The Netherlands) the suburbs are mainly a place where workingclass people live because yuppie scum took over all the city centers. However, i understand suburbs look different in different countries.

The biggest surprise is The Prowlers’ approach of The Versatiles songs Spread Your Bed. I think Trojan Records released some great tunes, but the history of skinhead reggae didn’t started or end with Trojan. Also record labels like for example Crab and Treasure Isle had so much high quality reggae music as well. So this tribute to a 1968 Crab release can count on my warm enthousiasm.

From the very second of this EP i realise how much i missed these guys. Since this is just a teaser i’m already highly enthusiastic for their next full-length to come.



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