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The Pikes – Something’s Going On CD

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The Pikes from Berlin, Germany were founded in 2007. All members have some band experience by playing in several punk, ska and rockabilly projects. Because all four are deeply into 60ies mod classics and 70ies mod revival they decided to found a band based on their shared passion for the mod culture. After a mini LP in 2009 this album is their first full-length.


Although the band hails from Germany they sound absolutely english in every way. According to the band description i found on the internet they claim to have some punk influences but honestly i didn’t hear them. To me The Pikes sound like a perfect mod-revival tribute, so mod-revival revivalist would be a nice description. Some songs remind me to bands like The Circles or The Chords, while a song like Fine Excuses reminds to – the inevitable – The Jam.

The vocals are very pleasant to hear; reticent and quiet but present. The twelve pop songs sound nostalgic, but certainly not corny. In Germany, the band slowly build up a name, but i expect that with this album they will also spread their name outside their home country.



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