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The Cliché’s – Street Rock For The Working Class CD

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The Cliché’s from Sweden are not the most productive band, but when they show out with a new record it’s alway a quality release. Their new album is no exception to this rule. On their previous records they have mastered that Chiswickish guitarsound simular to a band likes likes The Templars.


On this new record the band uses more influences from early glam bands, like Slade during the earlier (and stomping!) years of their existence. Also the band added some piano which gives more depth and stature to their songs. Compared to earlier records the vocals sound just a little more modest and melodic.

Textual not much has changed. The band remained loyal to their pro-style and anti-political attitude. The ten songs on this record all have straight forwarde Oi! lyrics about drinking beer, pride, et cetera. People who liked their previous records can blindly buy their new album. People who didn’t should still do so.



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