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Cervelli Stanki is one of the oldest still existing Italian Oi! bands. Although the band sings about various subjects the movie A Clockwork Orange remain their main source inspiration. Recently they released a split EP with Foreign Legion from Wales. All questions were answered by Ivano (vocals).

January 2013 – band website

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Let’s start with the usual question. Can you shortly introduce the band and the members?
We are Cervelli Stanki, a street rock’n’roll band from Albissola Marina (Savona, Italy) and we exist since 1993! We released five albums, two 7″s and we contributed  lot of tracks to compilations worldwide. During these twenty years we played many gigs in Italy, France, Germany, Swiss and Austria with bands like Anti-Nowhere League, Argies, Basta, Bloody Riot, Casualties, Cockney Rejects, Foreign Legion, Los Fastidios, Nabat, Oi Polloi, The Oppressed, Perkele, Reazione, Stomper 98, Stage Bottles, TV Smith, Klasse Kriminale, Klaxon, et cetera. During these year we had several line-up changes but currently we are Fix on drums, Ale on guitar, Gio on bass and Ivo on vocals.

If i’m correct you released your debute LP in 1997 and your follow-up album in 2003. That’s just two albums in over 15 years?
During in these years we had many line-up changes which was a bad situation for the band. During these twenty years we released our first full-length in 1997, Figli Della Klasse Operaia (LP, Helen Of Oi!), our second album in 2003, La Volpe E Il Cane (CD, Anfibio Records). In 2005 we released Live For Skins & Punks (CD, The Sound Of Oi!), in 2006 Street Rock’n’Roll (CD, Anfibio Records) and in 2009 we released 15 Years… (CD, various labels).  In 2010 we released a split EP with Tennetz Colombo called Ultras Liberi (Diffidati Records) and in 2012 we released a split EP with Foreign Legion called Clockwork Kids Still Alive! (various labels). Next to this we contributed a lot of tracks to compilations worldwide.

For 2013 we’re working on a split CD with clockwork punk legends from Wales Foreign Legion, a split EP with Askultura from Miamia (USA) and a new album to celebrate our twentieth birthday.


Judging by the lay out of several of your releases Stanley Kubrick’s movie A Clockwork Orange seems to be a major source of inspiration for the band. What fascinates you about A Clockwork Orange?
We all love movies, art and culture and A Clockwork Orange is a perfect ensemble of all these elements. Alex is a fascinous, instinctive and violent animal but he can appreciate music, art, good clothes and beauty in general.

You just released a split EP with Foreign Legion. Can you tell a bit more about it? And what’s your relation to Foreign Legion from Wales?
The EP Clockwork Kids Still Alive! includes four clockwork anthems, two by us and two by our brothers Foreign Legion. Our friendship is born by a shared passion for A Clockwork Orange. We always loved these guys from Wales. We have their 7″s from the 80ies: Surf City, Death Valley and the split with Major Accident. Markus enjoyed our cd Street Rock’n’Roll and a clockwork friendship was born. In march we will play in Italy with Foreign Legion for the second time and in june we will play togheter in wales at the Never Trust A Hippie Fest with bands like Conflict, Subhumans, Discharge, Varukers, Peter &The Test Tube Babies, Abrasive Wheels, Total Chaos, Broken Bones and many more…

One of the songs on the split is a song about animal liberation, which is not the most common subject in Oi! lyrics. Why is this subject so important to you? Are any band members also veg(etari)an or SxE?
It’s almost for five years that I (Ivano) became vegan. Since two years i’m also SxE. For me it’s a choice of life against racism and capitalism, two very important problems for us. The other members of the band are not SxE but they agree  on the lyrics.


You started in the early 90ies. The skinhead scene has changed a lot the last twenty years, could you describe how the scene in Italy developed?
When we started in 1993 there were less active Oi! bands and the scene was smaller en less political. During the years a strong anti-racist tendecy grew within the scene. Bands start playing in squats and cooperated with anti-racist and anti-fasicist movements. The scene grew bigger and many new bands are born and many old bands have reformed. Today there are many small and big shows and this is not a bad situation for us.

I suppose everyone knows Italian bands like Klasse Kriminale and Los Fastidios by now. Could you name any other bands which are worth listening?
This is a very hard question because in Italy there are really a lot of good bands, but we support every anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and DIY band!

Do you have any closing comments?
Thanks a lot for this interview, we hope to see you soon live! This spring we will play some shows in France and Germany, we also hope to play in BeLgium. Cheers to all the punks, skins, antifa hooligans, suedeheads and rebels from all over the world!


Click at the image(s) to purchase band releases from Aggroshop.com

Cervelli Stanki / Foreign Legion – Clockwork Kids Still Alive EP

Cervelli Stanki – Street Rock’n’Roll CD

Cervelli Stanki – 15 Years… Old Times, New Blood CD


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