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Quartier Libre – Live, Speed & Kalark CD

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I wasn’t familiar with this French band before and becausese almost all information i found on this band – booklet, website, facebook – is written in French i still don’t know much about them. If i’m correct the band was founded in 2004 and since then they released a few CD’s in Germany and a few split EP’s. The band is frequently on the road and with this CD they tried to catch their live enthusiasm on CD.


The band comes from a punkbackground and plays a mixture of reggae, skapunk and third wave ska. Uptempo, catchy and full enthusiasm. The recordings are made directly from the PA, so you’re not annoyed by drunk people in the audiance who sing a long. The band reminds me a bit to a punkier version of Ya Basta, but maybe they do so because they both sing in French.

The live album is the first release by the newly founded Ronce Records. I’m not sure in which direction they’re heading (ska and reggae or punk) but they certainly make a good impression with their debute release.


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Quartier Libre – Live, Speed & Kalark CD



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