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Various – Respect Your Roots Worldwide CD

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Twelve years ago the Dutch journalist (Aardschok magazine) invited 27 Dutch and Belgian bands to record a cover version of a song they hold dear. Together with Roger Miret he recently compiled a follow-up release for which they invited 33 bands from around the globe of which most come from a punk or hardcore background.


Usually i’m no big fan of compilations. They often exist of fillers or songs most people have anyway. Therefore i was pretty amazed when i received this CD. Most contributions are new or exclusive tracks and most bands are far from obscure. Most satisfying are the surprising choices some bands made. Hardcore bands like Agnostic Front, Pro-Pain and Beowülf recorded some fine punk classics from The Ramones, Uk Subs and GBH. Hardcore bands like Terror and No Turbing Back recorded impressive versions from songs by Agnostic Front and Negative Approach. But most surprising contribitions came from the Dropkick Murphys and the Hudson Falcons who recorded songs by Bruce Springsteen (although they play Badlands live quite regularly) and The Jam.

The CD comes with an extensive 36-page booklet with pictures and liner notes. And although this CD contains a few dissapointing contributions (e.g. Flatfoot 56) it’s overal a great compilation which costed a lot of effort and energy, but the result is there!


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