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Various – Cashing In On Christmas volume 4

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Black Hole is not the most active recordlabel out there, but if they release something, they always do it well. Their Cashing In On Christmas became a good yearly tradition by now and it seems that every new edition looks better than the previous.


The fourth edition of their christmas series again features a wide spectrum of punk bands. The Blessed Muthas remind somewhat to The Damned, while The Flyswatters remind me to some early pre’77 snotty punk’n’roll bands. Bands like Broken Heroes, Plan Of Attack and The Toughskins take care of the Oi! part on this compilation.

Highlights of this volume are the highly underrated Guitar Gangsters (!), Jenny Woo and the Scottish Hateful who – once again – do the best they can. Also worth mentioning are The Missile Toads who updated The Oppressed’s Ultra Violence into Ultra Christmas (although i hear some references to Blood For Blood’s version of this song).

The cover of this year’s volume was drawn by Richard Stone who has done some artwork for older English bands like The Gonads, Guitar Gangsters and The Lurkers. The LP comes in a red/green coloured special effect with free bonus CD. So to quote the backside of the cover: “Don’t be a cheap shit. Buy a copy and support independent labels!”.


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