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Slime – Sich Fügen Heisst Lügen LP

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Everytime an old band reforms a discussion starts about the question whether the band in question is able to approach the quality of their early days. Personally i think past performances are no garantuee for the future. Recent years have learned that reunions from bands like the 4-Skins or Cockney Rejects are completely embarrassing while a band like Cock Sparrer wrote some of their best songs during recent times.


But to continue with this review, Slime was one of the biggest German punk bands during the 80ies. Albums like Yankees Raus and Alle Gegen Alle sold good. While the band was quickly adopted by German leftist youth and punks, the band also became subject of research by cops which resulted in a court case.

After their last album in 1994 the band called it a day, so this reunion LP contains their first new recordings in 18(!) years. I don’t think it’s fair to compare this new LP with their older stuff, but if i did it wouldn’t necessarily be negative for the new album. Dirk’s voice changed during the years but he didn’t loose any power. And honestly i think the production of Sich Fügen Heisst Lügen do better justice to their songs than the production of their early albums.

Songs like the title track, Rebellen, Zum Kampf (Sex Pistols intro!) or Das Beil may not only attract huge parts of their old following but perhaps also attract a younger generation. Sometimes i look at reunions with vicarious shame, but there’s no need for shame for this reunion. For this album pride is more appropriated.



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Slime ‎- Sich Fügen Heisst Lügen LP

Slime ‎- Sich Fügen Heisst Lügen CD (ltd edition)


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