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Stomper 98 – …Bis Hierher! CD

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Four years after the release of their last full-length, Stomper 98 is back with their fifth album. Throughout the years the band became a major subject in the ‘greyzone’ discussion and suddenly Stomper 98 became one of the most controversial bands in Germany. I won’t close my eyes for mistakes made by bandmembers, but a discussion fed by anonymous youngsters on the internet won’t help anyone further. By trial and error people grow older and Stomper 98 is no exception. The last few years the band prove they don’t walk away for criticism and these days the band takes their responsibility and i consider them to be an example for many non-political skinhead bands.


But back to their music. While reading short studio-updates on the internet i was a bit surprised that the band took nearly three weeks to record a new LP, but judging afterwards i can conclude it was worth the time. The sound is full and energetic without sounding over the top or overproduced. The songs are well thought out and although clearly belonging to the ‘Kategorie Oi!’ the band avoids cliche’s. One needs only a little predictive gifts to understand that songs like Kategorie Oi!, SFFS or Heartbeat will do a great job live.

Also lyricwise the band did a great job. I have no objection towards bands who sing about beer or football riots, but i think your life is too limited if you have nothing else to sing about. I’m no native speaker when it comes to German, but even with my limited knowledge of the German language, i easely understand that the lyrics are honest and sincere.

Bis Hierher became a fine example of an album that’s totally complete. The songwriting, the recordings… I try to be cautious with giving a maximum score to a band, but quality must be rewarded. Extra credits for the Appetite For Destruction-like guitar solo’s!


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Stomper 98 / Maraboots – split EP


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