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Hooligan – No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs EP

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Next to vinyl issues of better known bands as Perkele or Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Oi! The Boat Records also invests in new, unknown or upcoming bands. Hooligan from Dublin fits in the second category, but i truely hope they move on towards upcoming or even further.


I understood from the band that they were working on a full-length, so receiving an EP release is somehow dissapointing for, although i think you can consider this disappointment as a compliment.

Listening to this band brings up memories of bygone times. Opening track No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs remind me somewhat to The Ruts but also to the second album from the Angelic Upstarts. Calling Joe Strummer sounds like – of course – early The Clash while both songs on the B-side remind me to early UK Subs.

Hooligan are not simply a dime a dozen punk band, they are more a band which finds its inspiration in the best days of punk music. Their music is a good attempt to honour these days. If Hooligan was founded thirty years earlier then i’m pretty sure they were reissued by Captain Oi! Records. If you still hold true to the years 1978-1981, i suggest you pick up this EP as well.



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