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Razorblade – Days Of Glory CD

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The band’s sixth full-length to date and the band’s first release with the new line-up. Wouter decided to merely focus on vocals so the band added Michiel from The Bruiseheads as second guitar-player.

Since the band’s founding in 2002 the band recorded six albums of which Skinheads Are Back (2003) remains my personal favourite. Except for a short ramble with their ‘German’ 2011 album Gegen Die Masse the band continued on what they always used to do: playing straightforward brickwall Oi! This album is no exception although it includes some winks to previous albums. A song like The Getaway wouldn’t suit ill on Skinheads Are Back, while Simple Life would easely fit on Music For Maniacs (2008).

This is the first time the band recorded in a new studio, all previous recordings were made in the Double Noise studio. Sound wise, little has changed, but personally i still prefer a little more snare in the snaredrum.

My personal lighlights are the ‘B-side’ songs. Long Road Ahead is sung for Wouter’s newborn son, while with Back In History, the band recorded a great cover version of a Badlands song. Aforementioned The Getaway is a simple song filled with restrained aggression.  Closing song Banks of The River Maes was previously recorded for the same named EP, yet i prefer this re-recorded version.


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