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PINTA FACILE (Italy – streetpunk)

This summer Pinta Facile released their second album on which the band combines melodic streetpunk with the aggression from Oi! music. Although the band sings in Italian they sound different than much other Italian Oi! bands and they surely deserve attention from abroad. All questions were answered by Lorenzo (vocals).
December 2012 – band website


First of all can you please introduce the band and the members?
We are Pinta Facile, an Oi! – streetpunk band from Rome, Italy. We play since 2005 and the band members are Gianlorenzo a.k.a. Giallo on guitar, Gennaro, on bass guitar, Daniele aka Ceyen on drums, and me, Lorenzo on voice. We have recorded two albums, the first one – Cattivi Pensieri – in 2008, and the last one – Ieri… Oggi – this year. We also did a 7″ EP in 2009.

Most Italian bands have that typical ‘Italian’ sound, while you – apart from the Italian lyrics – are more inspired by English Oi! and punk tunes. What inspired you by this sound?
Uh, i think because it’s normal for us… you know, the origin of this type of music, the movement. All of us grew up with bands like The Business, The 4 Skins, Infa Riot, Anti Nowhere League, Anostic Front, GBH. But also italian bands like Nabat, Rough, Fun, Klass Kriminale. We have lyrics in Italian to pay homage to these great Italian bands and because we wanna pass our message more simply in our country. Our second album has translated textes in the booklet anyway… So everyone can understand what we’re talkin’ about!!

Both your band name and the title of your last CD are in Italian.  Could explain what they mean?
Our first album – Cattivi Pensieri – means Bad Thoughts. Ieri… Oggi means Yesterday… Today. Pinta Facile is Easy Pint, if you wanna know… Hahaha.


You’re part of the SFL crew, who also released the second CD. Can  you tell a bit more about SFL?
Scarred For  Life crew is basically a group of friends, Very good friends. We’re a family. We grew up together, and we have the same love for this kind of music and scene, organize gigs, record albums,  have a night, a lot of night, in the pubs. A crew of brothers.  Someone of us got married, got a son, a daughter, but we still believe in the scene!!

I heard some other Italian bands complaining that it’s hard to get  gigs in Italy. How is this for you?
I think in Italy it’s not like in Germany or Sweden. In those countries the skinhead/punk scene is bigger than in Italy. That’s why, for me, here in Italy it’s more difficult to organize something. You know, from Palermo to Milan it’s always the same people!!!! But Pinta Facile and SFL are trying to create somethin bigger, and bring interset for this music and scene to more kids as possible.


I was pleasantly surprised that you covered the GBH song City Baby Attacked By Rats. GBH is not the first band that many Oi! and streetpunk bands like to cover, so why did you choose that song?
That’s why!!!!! ‘Cause nobody did it!!!!

Do you have any closing comments?
Cheers to everybody who understand the real idea of the Skinhead and Punk subcultures!
Thanx Paul for this opportunity, and if you’re intersted to buy our new CD Ieri… Oggi or contact us for gigs, write to scarred13@hotmail.it or to
pintafacileofficial@libero.it or contact us on facebook.
Thanx again Paul and see ya in the pit guys!!


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Pinta Facile – Ieri… Oggi CD



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