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Aggroshop.com newsletter 7 (december 2012)

Welcome to the seventh newsletter from www.AGGROSHOP.com

Our first two releases (Cracks & Scars and No Man’s Land) received some good reviews on blogs and in fanzines. Visit our facebook page to read the reviews.

Furthermore we’d like to mention that the pre-sale of the Booze & Glory and Evil Conduct gig at 27 april 2013 has started. Buy your ticket here.

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New items DECEMBER 2012 (click at the titles to view an item in our webstore)

P U N K / O I
80’s, The – The 80’s Volume 1 LP 13.50 euro
(Italian Oi! band pays homage to classic 80ies bands)

Attila The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer – Bankers & Looters LP 12 euro
(latest album on red vinyl + 5 bonus tracks. 300 copies!)

Attila The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer – Just One Life… LP 12 euro
(2nd full-length as Barnstormer)

Camera Silens – Rien Qu’en Trainant LP 14.50 euro
(French punk with ska / reggae / soul influences. Official repress)

Gonna Get Yours – The Hidden Side Of Happiness EP 6 euro
(The new breed of Parisian Oi!)

Headliners, The – S/T EP 6 euro
(Debute EP from France. Streetpunk)

Headliners, The – Too Young To Fall In Love LP + CD 16.50 euro
(Oi! meets powerpop. Includes a great cover from a Fast Cars song!)

Les Partisans – Les Partisans CD 6 euro
(French streetpunk/ska-punk)

Les Teckels – Ze Peel Poil Session LP 14.50 euro
(French Oi! band. Recorded in 1998, released in 2012)

Local Spastics- Daily Routine EP 5.50 euro
(Amsterdamned Punk rock’n’roll, pink vinyl)

No Man’s Land – Scattered Around And Buried CD 12 euro
(Oi! from Indonesia, their first release on CD)

Oppressed, The – Dead & Buried LP 12.50 euro
(demo + early singles from 1983. reissued in 2012)

Razorblade – The Early Years CD 12 euro
(the first two albums, reissued)

Razorblade – Days Of Glory CD 12 euro
(their new, 6th, album. Brickwall Oi!)

Rudes, The – Join The Army EP 6 euro
(French sing-a-long Oi!)

Stromberg Polka – Skinhead EP 4 euro
(German cult Oi! from the mid 80ies)

TV Smith and Punk Lurex OK – The Future Used To Be Better EP 4.50 euro
(5 songs, ex-frontman from The Adverts)

Various – La Force Dans La Oi! EP 6 euro
(A must have! Maraboots feat Jenny Woo / Larcin / Lion’s Law / The Fantiques)

Various – Oi! …Rare & Exotica Volume 1 CD 6 euro
(22 bands, 22 countries. CD reisue of a cult LP)

Various – Oi! …Rare & Exotica Volume 1 CD 6 euro
(23 bands, 23 countries. CD reisue of a cult LP)

R E G G A E / S K A
Laurel Aitken- Calypso Rock And Roll LP 15 euro
(the Mento years, pre-ska)

Aanslag, De – De Puinhopen Van 8 Jaar Balkenende LP 11 euro
(Dutch HC / 80ies trash)

Buiten Gebruik – S/T EP 5.50 euro
(Dutch HC, feat. ex-members from Boycot, Betercore)

I Believe In Myself #8 – 3.50 euro
(french Oi! & ska ‘zine: Alternate Action, Mr. Symarip, Daltonz, etc)

I Believe In Myself #9 – 3.50 euro
(french Oi! & ska ‘zine: Gonna Get Yours, Clichés, Specials, Upsessions, etc)

I Believe In Myself #10 – 3.50 euro
(french Oi! & ska ‘zine: Bad Manners, Booze & Glory, Giuda, etc)

Plastic Bomb#81 + CD – 3.50 euro
(Die Toten Hosen, Black Flag, Feine Fahne Fischfilet, Baboon Show, Argies, etc)

Riot77 #12 – 4 euro
(Shack Shakers, DOA, Dwarves, Street Dogs, The Slackers, Subhumans, The Threat)

Riot77 #14 – 4 euro
(Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs, Billy Childish, Cristy C. Road, Agnostic Front, etc)

Riot77 #15 – 4 euro
(Wayne Kramer, Glen E. Friedman, Devils Brigade, Off!, Norton Records)

Subculture Spirit #1 – 4 euro
(Long Tall Shorty, Janitors, Franky Flame, Brigada Dos Lobos, On The Job, top-10 pubrock songs)

Subculture Spirit #2 – 4 euro
(The Corps, Moonstomp, Marching Orders, Pointed Sticks, Crucial Change, Templars)

Subculture Spirit #3 – 4 euro
(The Agitators, Resistance 77, Lammkotze, Rust, Sydney Ducks, Out Of Order)

Subculture Spirit #4 – 4 euro
(45 Adapters, The Prowlers, Agent Bulldogg, Oldfashioned Ideas, Maraboots, Indonesia scene report)

Subculture Spirit #5 – 4 euro
(The skingirl issue, focussing on women and skinhead culture)

B A C K  I N  S T O C K
Bombardiers – Sarara Nakama LP + CD 16.50 euro
(One of the best LP’s from 2011. Premier French rock’n’Oi!)
Maraboots – S/T EP 6 euro
(Great french Oi!. Three tracks)

Kids of the Streets – new CD/LP (russian streetpunk)
Various – Oi! made In Indonesia CD (12 bands – 24 tracks)



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