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BOBBY SIXKILLER (France – reggae)

Last year the French Soul City Rockers came up with two vinyl releases; a split LP with their friends Branlarians, and the Lonely Road LP. To promote their releases the band played gigs with bands such as The Caroloregians, Mr Symarip and Klasse Kriminale. All questions were answered by Bori (bass).
November 2012 – band website

First of all, can you please introduce the band and the members?
Hi ! We are Bobby Sixikiller, we are from northeast of France (Nancy). We play for four years and we did about 80 gigs in France and through Europe. We make some ska, reggae and rocksteady with soul and rock influences. Mick is our singer and guitarist, Ben is playing keyboards, Guillaume the drums, Laurent the guitar and Boris the bass.

For the youngsters among our readers, can you tell who Bobby Sixkiller was and why did you named yourself after a TV personality?
Bobby Sixkiller was a charachter of the tv serie called The Renegade. There is not so much sense to find in this name . We were laughing about him and the serie, that is really old fashion, that’s all.

Both your LP’s were released through labels who come from a punk background. How does this influence your audience?
It’s difficult to say… We choose our labels because we know them personaly or by friends. We have a common vision of music, whatever it is punk, reggae or else. Anyway there are not so much underground labels in ska and reggae in france.

When i take a look at the lay out of both releases i think lay-out presentation are very important you as band am i correct? Who did the layout for your releases?
You know making a disc is a long way. So after all this work we don’t want to make bad layout. This is the first thing people see, and as disc buyer ourselves we like the good artwork. Tiguilup has made the artwork of the split with The Branlarians (he’s graphist and also plays in The Branlarians, a really good band you should listen to). The Lonely Road album layout has been made by Barbee, a guy from Les Productions de l’impossible, he has made other artwork for this label (65 Mines Street, The Rebel Assholes …)

I suppose you’re into vinyl collecting as both your albums appeared on vinyl. What’s your view on downloading? On one hand it’s a good way to distribute music but i also hear from bands and labels that they found a difficult to finance studio costs, etc…
You’re supposing good! Of course you need to sell some discs to finance new projects. Recording disc and touring is pretty expansive. But wathever it is you are willing, you can’t control the internet. If someone put your music on the net, what can you do? Anyway we are downloading too! It’s also a problem of money, I can’t buy all I want to listen. So we decided to sell our discs, but after few months or a year, you can download it for free on our website.

As far as i know you didn’t recorded any cover songs? Do you play covers live and if so which ones?
We didn’t release some but we always play cover on gigs, we love it. We have made a lot since the beginning: 8°6 crew, The Dead sixties (Ghostfaced killer), Jackie Mitto (Hang them High), The Aggrolites (Precious and Few), Madness (My girl), The Mocking birds (Lovingly Yours) and some others I can’t remember now!

I read you also performed at some trade-union meetings. Do you think your music can be usefull to support the worker’s cause?
I don’t think our music in itself can be usefull to the worker’s cause. But making gigs to support an organisation we agree with can be (just) a little bit helping. That’s our little contribution to their struggles.

Do you have any closing comments or future plans to announce?
Thanks for the interview. I can’t announce you some news for now, but we have a lot of project in progress, there will be some news soon, stay tuned!


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Bobby Sixkiller – Lonely Road LP


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