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KEEP THE FAITH (Indonesia – hardcore)

Indonesia’s Keep The Faith was founded in 2011 and inspired by the wave of hardcore and crossover bands from the mid 80ies. Earlier this year the band released their debute EP ‘Hardcore For Skins’. All questions were answered by Dennie (vocals).
November 2012 – band website

Please introduce the band and the members to us
Oke the band is: Dennie Sherman on vocal, Doni Kurniawan on guitar, Yoga Utama Natanugraha on bass and Aries Phitoy on Drums.

A few months back you relased your Hardcore For Skins EP. How are the reactions so far?
Kind of surprised… especially for our scene. Our city and kids that knew us… because we come from different backgrounds and lifes and came together as hardcore/crossover band and kids loved it and always gave their support on every single our show.

The EP appeared through White Collar Crime Records. Is this your label? Where does the label name refers to?
White Collar Crime Records was my own label for my old band and then it became our scene label. The idea was came when I decided to release EP’s for my old band Anti-Biotic on my own label in 2003,  because there was no label at that time in my city (Padang). And then WCCR released other band like Los Fuertos, No Vacation and Radio Salvation and in 2012 WCCR released EP’s by Keep The Faith, Underline and many more. The name of White Collar Crime Records came up when I saw the news headlines on tv… and I thought it cool name.

Dennie, you were a bit surprised when i compared your EP to the second Agnostic Front album Cause For Alarm. Why were you surprised? Which other influences do you have as band?
Yeah mate… we were kind of surprised when we saw your review. Personally I love the old Agnostic front era (United Blood till Liberty And Justice)  and other early NYHC band like Warzone, Cro-Mags, et cetera. ..etc ). Their sound of the street is so real with my daily life as skinhead (of course I don’t forget my reggae roots)… we didn’t expect our music will be compared with cause for alarm haha.
Because as band we are influenced by a lot of bands we listen to such as Agnostic Front , DRI, Metallica , ACAB (Malaysia) , Cockney Rejects , Slade and Municipal Wasted. So thank for the review.

I know you have lots of contacts in Asia outside Indonesia. Did you already managed to play outside Indonesia?
Yeah. We didn’t manage to play outside Indonesia, but we gonna try to.

For your EP you recorded a cover by Billy Bragg. I was pleasantly surprised by your choice for this song. Why did you choose it?
To Have & To Have Not is my personal choice because the lyrics described my past and the days I was looking for a job to make ends meet. I changed a few words on it to make it more personal and this song is dedicated to my son.

Do you have any closing comments?
Thank you for the interview! Don’t forget your roots and the streets where we belong. Always keep the faith! Cheers!


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Keep The Faith – Hardcore For Skins MCD


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