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Aggroshop.com newsletter 6 (november 2012)

Welcome to the sixth newsletter from www.AGGROSHOP.com

We are proud to present the second release on our label Aggro Beat; ‘The Best Of 1994-2012’ CD by Indonesia’s longest running Oi! band No Man’s Land. Contact us for wholesale prices

Furthermore we’d like to bring to your attention a gig by Booze & Glory and Evil Conduct at 27 april 2013. Pre-sale starts at 1 november 2012 @ www.maposoft.com/oi

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New items NOVEMBER 2012

C O U N T R Y / F O L K
Cash, Johnny – A Concert Behind Prison Walls CD 6 euro (live in the Tennessee Prison in 1976)
Cash, Johnny – Now, There Was A Song! LP + CD 10 euro (9th album from 1960)
Cash, Johnny – Ride This Train LP + CD 10 euro (1960 album)
Cash, Johnny – The Lure Of The Grand Canyon LP+CD 10 euro (11th album from 1961)
MacColl, Ewan – Anthology 2CD 6 euro (compiles 3 LP’s from 1958-1959)
Williams, Hank – Big Box Of Hank Williams 6CDbox 20 euro (damn cheap!)

Agent Orange – Living In Darkness CD 12.50 euro (reissued from 1981)
Crucial Youth – Singles Going Straight CD 11 euro (early SxE HC; EP’s + live)
Fight For Change – The Demo Sessions EP 4 euro (Portugal youthcrew)
Protervia – Nuestra Escuela CD 11 euro (Madrid HC, FFO KOP & Non Servium)
Sick Of It All – Life On The Ropes LP 9.50 euro (2003 album, NYHC veterans)

P U N K / O I
Antidote – Go Pogo CD 8 euro (2nd full-length, russian reissue)
Antidote – My Life CD 8 euro (debute, russian reissue)
Anti Flag – The People Or The Gun LP 11.50 euro (US punkrock, 2009 album)
Backclash – Sudden Impact CD 10 euro (punkrock like The Clash)
Bitches N Bastards – Bitchslaps!! CD 6 euro (streetpunk from Norway)
Bonecrusher – The Good Life 12″ 9.50 euro (US finest streetpunk)
Bonecrusher – Live At the Doll Hut CD 11 euro (live 2005)
Bootstroke – Football Drinks & Rock’n’Roll CD 12 euro (greek hooligan Oi!)
Booze & Glory – Always On The Wrong Side CD 12 euro (London Oi!)
Booze & glory – Trouble Free CD 12 euro (2nd full-length)
Booze & Glory / Harrington Saints – split 12″ 11 euro (crossed hammer shaped vinyl)
Bottlejob – Take It On The Chin CD 11 euro (London Oi!, 2nd full-length)
Business, The – Smash The Discos LP 14 euro (red or clear vinyl)
Casualties, The – Resistance CD 13.50 euro (the new album)
Cockney Rejects – East End babylon CD 15 euro (the new album as digipack)
Control – Hooligan Rock’n’Roll CD 12 euro (ex-Beerzone)
Control – Hooligan Rock’n’Roll LP 12 euro (classic debute)
Control – Punk Rock Ruined My Life LP 13 euro (London hooligan punk)
Cracks & Scars – Stick To You Guns LP 13 euro (german streetcore)
Crossfire – Men Without Faces EP 6 euro (streetcore from Austria)
Downtown Struts, The – Anchors 7″ 5.50 euro (american punkrock on Pirates Press)
Ex, The – Dignity of Labour CD 12 euro (dutch punk, reissue of a 1983 boxset)
Freiboiter – Rockcity LP 10 euro (Stuttgart rock’n’Oi!)
Guacamaya – Il Sangue A La Pelvere CD 8.50 (italian streetpunk)
Kabal La Révolte – Doujans CD 12 euro (uptempo anarcho-punk from France)
Kattiva Reputazione – Spirito Guerriero CD 8.50 euro (italian streetpunk)
Klasse Kriminale – The Collection 1999-2001 CD 8 euro (collects 2 LP’s + 1 EP)
Klasse Kriminale – The Rise And Fall Of The Stylish Kids CD 12 euro (italian streetpunk from 2010)
Knucklehead – Cold Civil War / Riots And Tears 7″ 5.50 euro (american punkrock on Pirates Press)
Lovebite – Troops Of The Damned CD 5 euro (Dutch band mixes Motörhead and The Exploited)
Lousy – The Babylon District LP 10 euro (streetpunk not unlike Bonecrusher)
Oppressed, The – We Can Do Anything LP 14 euro (red vinyl)
Oxymoron – Fuck The Ninetees CD 8.50 euro (one of the best 90ies records)
Peter And The Test Tube Babies / Reazione – Very Disaster CD 12 euro (new songs by both)
Prowlers, The – Hate Us EP 5 euro (the NEW EP!)
Red London – Sten Guns In Sunderland EP 5 euro (reissue from the classic ’83 EP)
Senza Frontiere – Nonce Futuro Senzamemoria CD 8.50 euro (italian streetpunk)
Short ‘N’ Curlies, The – For Fuck’s Sake mCD 6 euro (English uptempo streetpunk with sing-a-longs)
S-Molest – La Nostra Vita CD 12 euro (hard hitting Oi! from Italy)
Stage Bottles – Big Kick!! LP 12 euro (German streetpunk, second full-length)
Stage Bottles – Power For Revenge 12″ 10 euro (probably their best LP so far)
Stage Bottles – Power For Revenge mCD 8 euro (CD version)
Streets Of Rage / Enraged Minority – No Borders For Rude Rockers EP 5 euro (french & german Oi!)
Toxpack – Epidemie CD 11 euro (deutschpunk)
Urban Rejects – State Of The Nation EP 6 euro (german Oi!)
Warriors, The – Never Forgive Never Forget CD 10 euro (new album)
Warriors, The – Never Forgive Never Forget LP 14 euro (red vinyl)
Weirdos, The – We Got The Neutron Bomb 6 euro (San Fransisco punk 1977-1989)
Various – All Aboard: A Tribute To Johnny Cash LP 10 euro (Bouncing Souls, Gaslight Anthem, etc)
Various – Punk Shit Volume 2 CD 6 euro (Perkele, TowerBlocks, etc)
Various – Red, White & Blue double-7″ 11 euro (old Firm Casuals, Harrington Saints, Booze & Glory, Argy Bargy)

R E G G A E / S K A
Aggrolites – selftitled CD 12 euro (2ned full length from 2006. AGGRO!)
Arpioni – Malacabeza CD 10 euro (Italian ska with a touch of jazz)
Babylove & The Van Dangos – Big Big Baboon 7″ 5 euro (Danish ska, two-tone w/ traditional ska sounds)
Babyshakers, The – Shake The Baby CD 8 euro (Solo project of Mark Foggo. Andre Stuivenberg from Mr. Review on keyboards)
Bankrobbers – Our Times CD 12 euro (two-tone from Italy)
Blues Brothers, the – Their Best Ska & Soul Hits 1964-1966 CD 6 euro (early ska)
Bobby Sixkiller – Lonely Road LP 11 euro (Ska & reggae with a touch of punk from France)
Dr. Ring-Ding & The Senior Allstars – Ram Di Dance CD 8 euro (german ska band)
Griffiths, Marcia – Dreamland CD 6 euro (compilation by queen of reggae)
Mr.T Bone & The Young Lions – Next Stop Revolution 7″ 5 euro (italian skank’n’roll)
Offenders, The / Redska – Rude League EP 5 euro (red vinyl)
Offenders, The – Action Reaction CD 8 euro (italian two-tone with a modska sound)
Offenders, The – Hooligan Reggae CD  8 euro (reissue of 1st album with two bonus tracks)
Offenders, The – Shots, Screams & Broken Dreams LP 12 euro (Italian two-tone / third-wave ska)
Perry, Lee ‘Scratch’ – The Upsetter live 1995-2002 CD 6 euro (live)
Perry, Lee ‘Scratch’ & Friends – Disco Devil 2CD 11.50 euro (12″ mixes on Troajn records)
Redska – La Rivolta LP 12 euro (Italian two-tone / third wave ska)
Rough Kutz, The – A Bit O’ Rough CD 10 euro (england’s finest two-tone)
Selecter, The – Too Much Pressure CD 8 euro (compilation on Harry May Record Company)
Skaliners – Belly Dance CD 6 euro (1001 night ska)
Skapitanos – Lonely Nights / By My Side 7″ 5 euro (German ska with female and male vocals)
Toots & The Maytals – Flip And Twist CD 6 euro (2010 album)
Umbrella Bed – Cover To Cover 7″ 5 euro (Minneapolis ska, covers from The Melodians and The Ramones)
Upsessions, The – The New Heavyweight Champion LP 13.50 euro (early reggae from The Netherlands, debute album)
Various – Skannibal Party 11 CD 5 euro (22 bands, reggae/ska)

S O U L / R & B
Crystals, The – He’s A Rebel CD 6 euro (2nd full-length with many bonus tracks)
Movement, The – Still Living The Dream EP 5 euro (comeback EP from 2011)
Sherfey, Lukas – Soul Vacation LP 12 euro (Soul album by the frontman of The Movement)
Various – Tamla Motown 1961 4CD 8.50 euro (7 albums from 1961 on 4 CD’s)

Albert Fish – logo patch 0.50 euro
Iron Maiden – silver logo bag 5 euro
Klasse Kriminale – logo patch 0.50 euro
Still Not Loving Police – metalpin 3.50

Walsby, Brian – Manchild 6 comic book 10 euro
Berger, George – The Story Of Crass book 14 euro

Various – KOB Vs Mad Butcher Vol. 4: The DVD 5 euro (43 tracks: Los Fastidios, The Movement, ZSK, etc)

B A C K  I N  S T O C K
Bad Manners – Best Of CD 6 euro (compilation)
Cockney Rejects – Join The Rejects 3CD 21.50 euro (the 1st 4 album + peel sessions + bonus)
Judge Dread – Ska Fever CD 6 euro (compilation)
Judge Dread – Winkle Man CD 6 euro (compilation)
Upsetters, The – The Good, The Bad… CD 7 euro
Zeros, The – You Me us EP 5 euro (california punkrock)
Various – Northern Soul 2CD 8.50 euro (digipack)

U P C O M I N G:
Kids of the Streets – new CD/LP (russian streetpunk)
Various – Oi! made In Indonesia CD (12 bands – 24 tracks)



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