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Aggroshop.com newsletter 5 (october 2012)

Welcome to the fifth newsletter from www.AGGROSHOP.com.

The reviews about out Cracks & Scars CD slowly come in. They’re available on facebook. Our second release, The Best Of 1994-2012, by Indonesia’s longest running Oi! band No Man’s Land, is currently at the pressing plant and wil be available at the 10th of october.

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New items OCTOBER 2012

B E A T / M O D
The Exits – The Legendary Lost Exits Album CD 8 euro (mod/powerpop)

C O U N T R Y / F O L K
Phil Ochs – I Ain’t Marching Anymore LP 12 euro (American folksinger, 2nd Lp from 1965)
Peter Seeger – Classic Album Collection 3CD 11.50 euro (American Favourite Ballads 1-4)

Agnostic Front – My Life My Way CD 10 euro (2011 album)
All For Nothing – Solitary MCD 5 euro (Female fronted HC)
Black Cloud Halo – Born Under A Bad Sign CD 6 euro (HC w/ influences from AC/DC and Thin Lizzy)
Black Flag – TV Party EP 6 euro (3 tracks from 1982)
Bulldog Courage – From Heartache To Hatred CD 12 euro (NYHC. FFO Blood For Blood or Wisdom In Chains)
Cracks & Scars – Stick To Your Guns LP (Agnostic Front meets Bonecrusher + download code)
Human Demise – Of Wicked Men And Their Devices CD 12 euro (HC not unlike Madball, Terror)
Human Demise – The Odditorium CD 12 euro
Keep The Faith – Hardcore For Skins MCD 7 euro (HC/crossover from Indonesia)
MDC / Söm Honöise / Söm-Hi Noise / Naked Aggression – split EP 6 euro (new tracks, 2012)
Olde York – Shallow World CD 12 euro (FFO SOIA, Warzone)
Pro-Pain – Run For Cover CD 8 euro (14 covers from Agnostic Front, Discharge…)
SSS – Dividing Libe CD + DVD 6 euro (crossover)
Still Screaming – From The Ashes Of A Dead Time CD 12 euro (German debute. Mosh!)
Still Screaming – Reality Ain’t The Truth EP 5 euro (green splatter vinyl in gatefold cover)
Still Screaming – Stick At Nothing MCD 6 euro (2011 recordings)

P U N K / O I
Backclash – Sudden Impact CD 10 euro (German/English punkrock not unlike The Clash)
The Business – Smash The Discos LP 13 euro (2012 reissue on red or clear vinyl)
Crass- 10 Notes On A Summer Day 12″LP 13.50 euro (6th and last album + download)
Crass – Christ The Album 2LP 19 euro (4th album + downloadcode)
Crass – Stations Of The Crass 2LP 19 euro (their best album in foldout sleeve + download)
Crossfire – Men without faces EP 6 euro (streetcore from Austria)
Green Day – Studio Albums 1990-2009 27.50 euro (8 albums)
Lost Cherrees – Free To Speak… But Not To Question CD 6 euro (english punk w/ female vocals)
The Oppressed – We Can Do Anything LP 14 euro (2012 reissue, red vinyl)
Revilers – s/t CD 12 euro (streetpunk/HC from Boston)
Street Boundaries – We Are The Revolution CD 12 euro (The Ejected meets late Discharge from Malaysia)
Tommy & The Terrors – Problem. Reaction. Solution. CD 12 euro (latest EP + 28 bonus tracks)
UK Subs – Live At The Roxy CD 6 euro (live 1977)
Urban Rejects – State Of The Nation EP 6 euro (their last release, brickwall Oi!)
Varukers – How Do You Sleep CD 6.50 (full-length from 2000)
The Warriors – Never Forgive Never Forget CD 10 euro (the new full-length as midprice)
The Warriors – Never Forgive Never Forget LP 14 euro (red vinyl)

R E G G A E / S K A
Augustus Pablo – Skanking Easy 2CD 9 euro (new compilation)
Jimmy Cliff – Reggae Greats CD 6.50 euro (compilation)
Desmond Dekker – 007 the best of 2CD 12 euro (compilation + rarities)
Desmond Dekker – 007 Shanty Town CD 7 euro (cclassic debute album)
I Roy – Heavier Than Lead LP 15 euro (early roots)
The Maytals – Sensational Ska Explosian CD 6 euro (early years)
OST – The Harder They Come CD 10 euro (original soundtrack feat Jimmy Cliff)
Toots & The Maytals – Reggae Greats 6.50 euro (compilation)
Various – Trojan Presents Classic Reggae 2CD 13 euro (Early ska and reggae from the Trojan archives)
Various – Trojan Presents Dj’s 2CD 13 euro (40 toasting classics)
Various – Trojan Presents Original Reggae 2CD 13 euro
Various – Trojan Presents Rock Steady 2CD 13 euro (40 ground breaking hits)

S O U L / R & B
Four Tops – A Retrospective 27.50 euro (seven 7″ singles)

The Clash – Skull Logo bag 5 euro
The Who – Logo bag 5 euro

Ian Glasper – Armed With Anger book  17.50 (how UK punk survived the 90ies)
Ian Glasper – Burning Britain book 17.50 euro (history Of UK Punk 1980 to 1984)
Ian Glasper – The Day The Country Died book 17.50 (history Of Anarcho Punk 1980 To 1984)
Ian Glasper – Trapped In A Scene book 17.50 (UK Hardcore 1985-1989)

The Oppressed / The Warriors – Maximum Oi! DVD 10 euro (live 1996)
Peter and The Test Tube Babies – Paralitico DVD 6.50 euro (live 2005)

B A C K  I N  S T O C K
Antidote – Back In Year Zero CD 9 euro (finest dutch pogopunk)
The Like – Release Me CD (female retro-pop)
Various – The Heavy Heavy Monster Sound: The Story Of Trojan Records 2CD 11.50 euro

U P C O M I N G:
The Casualties – Resistance CD 13.50 (new album, available late october)
No Man’s Land – Best Of 1994-2012 CD 12 euro (longest running Indonesian Oi! band)
Hank Williams – Big Box of Hank Williams 6CD-box 20 euro (bargain price, available late october)
Various – Red, White & Blue double-single 11 euro (Oi! from USA & England)



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