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HARD SKIN (England – Oi!)

What can i say about this band? If there weren’t over 50.000 Oi!-bands before Hard Skin, then they could easely be described as the founders of good old Oi! Oi! Music! All questions were answered by Fat Bob (bass & vocals).
may 2012

I think it was 1996 when you released your Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts record. The impact of the record was huge. Could you ever imagine it would be such a succes?
Yes, it’s an amazing album! Actually we are a little dissapointed. We expected to sell over 100.000 copies and so far we only sold 87.000, which is very dissapointing. It’s a classic album!

After you released the Hard Nuts LP, did you thought it was possible to make an even better album?
We just made a new album and it’s even better!

Can explain why?
Because of the concept of the album, because it’s gonna sell more copies. It’s out for a week now and it’s the only record we listen to as a band. Everyday we listen to it, at least once a day.

The Hard Nuts LP was the last Oi! record that could count on the enthusiasm of Maximum Rock’n’Roll magazine. How is that possible? Has MRR shit in their eyes & ears and don’t they know how to recognise a good Oi! album or is it because you made such an incredible good record?
Well, there are probably Oi! interviews and reviews in the Maximum RocknRoll, but you can’t read it because of the poor paper they use.

There are many people who consider Hard Skin to be some sort of joke band. When i said so to you you seemed to be a bit annoyed…
People may say what they like, but to the people who say we are a fake band i’d like to ask: did you see the 4-Skins in 1983? Did you see Blitz in 1983? I was at all those gigs. I went to Oi!-gigs before these people were even born. So, if they consider us to be fake it’s their opinion, but it’s wrong… But honestly we only do this for the money.

But you still play in squats, so the money thing doesn’t work out very well yet?
What we wanna do is raise enough money to buy the squats and kick out the squatters and buy them a shower.

A while ago you recorded the song Ding Dong Merrily Oi! Oi! from Close Shave. Why did you choose for that song from that band?
Close Shave is shit and some of their politics is very borderline. We decided to cover that song so people didn’t have to listen to their shit version, but listen to ours instead which is a hundred times better.

There’s a youtube video of your version and someone who claims to be the drummer of Close Shave reacted. He was annoyed by your version and stated: “why can’t you write a christmas song of your own?”
Well, why can’t they? Theirs is a cover version as well. The original is ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High’. They didn’t write it, they just covered it and we covered a cover. It’s a traditional song.

I didn’t know that. In the Netherlands the Santa Claus tradition of 5 december is more populair than christmas, so i’m not really a specialist on christmas tunes.

Do you have any closing comments?
Fuck off! Cunt!


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