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MOONSTOMP (Indonesia – Oi! / hardcore)

Indonesia is one of the countries with the fastest growing punk & Oi!-scene. One of the bands that recently drew my attention are Moonstomp from West-Java. All questions were answered by Agan (vocals).
April 2012 – band website

Can you shortly introduce the band?
Moonstomp started a few years ago in 2000. The music we play can be described street rock’n’roll or just Oi!. We take our inspiration from Oi! bands everywhere.

If i’m correct the band had several line-up changes in the past. Can you tell a bit about this?
Moonstomp was formed in the middle of 2000 by me. In the city where we live (Bandung, Indonesia) there is a recordlabel that released some Oi! compilations to which we contributed. In 2005 we changed the line-up. With a new atmosphere and different music and with female vocals by Cici we recorded the single ‘living on the street’. In 2008 Cici quit and in 2009 was our last line-up change. Since then our line-up is Jeni on vocals, Agan on bass and vocals, Ekoink on guitar, Udan on guitar and Dumeh on drums. Our style has changed since then and now it’s hard on the ears, haha.

The band exists since 2000. Can you mention any highlights during these years?
We played many gigs in and outside our city, but we also have our responsibilities with work and our families, so we can’t play as much as we like…

You recently contributed to a compilation CD by Poink Records. Can you tell a bit more about it? Any plans for new releases yet?
We joined the Poink Records compilation called ‘This Is Oi! … Not A Fashion’ which was meant to that Oi! is not a fashion. In the near future we will release a mini album which will released Chile, South-America. We will also participate in a 3-way split with Indonesian bans which will be released in Indonesia and Germany.

What else did you released so far?
– Compilation Oi! 4ever Part I (2002, Prapatan Rebel Records)
– Compilation Oi! 4ever Part II (2004, Prapatan Rebel Records)
– Compilation Rebellion (2009, Inkubus Records)
– Compilation WorkTogether#1 (2011, work together Records)
– Compilation This is Oi!… Not a Fashion (2012, Poink Records)
– Single Living on the Street (2005, Prapatan Rebel Records)

Recently the punk scene in Indonesia was big news worldwide when punks in Banda Aceh got arrested. Are there more often problems with the government or with religious fanatics?
As far as I know the punks in Aceh had problems with the cops. The cops don’t want any punk kids in Banda Aceh. I think it’s wrong because they everyone must have an equal right to live in this country the qay they want… ACAB!

Do you have any closing comments?
Thank you Paul for the support with oioimusic.com.


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Various – Oi! Made In Indonesia CD

Various – Skinhead! It’s An Asian League vol.2 CD

Various – This is Oi! … Not A fashion CD


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