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After several 7″s and a full-length America’s Harrington Saints are currently recording their second full-length, ‘Pride and Tradition’. After that the band will visit Europe for the second time in spring 2012. Singer Darrel speaks about the band, the impact of the economic crisis in the USA and West Ham United.
February 2012 – band website

Let’s start with the standard question… Can you please introduce the band and the members?
I’m Darrel and I do lead vocals. Jay does rhythm guitar and backup vocals. Mike C. Is lead guitar and backup vocals. Deuce plays Bass and Backup Vocals. And Forrest plays drums.

Although you have several releases so far you didn’t wrote that many songs yet. How come you’re slow writers? Are you so critical about your own work or are there other reasons?
There are many reasons. Yes, we are very critical and don’t keep many that we write. Also, we have done a lot of 7″s because its our favorite format. Also, we dont like records with 15-17 songs and only half or so are any good. We like our records short and sweet, so to speak.

When reading through your lyrics – especially with songs as Guilty, Dead Broke in the USA or No Justice – it reflects a pessimist view on the USA and the position of working class people in your country. How did the crisis influenced the people’s mentality since 2008?
I’d say they reflect the anger we have with a system that bails out millionaires and banks while many are barely putting food on their table. ‘Dead broke in the USA’ and ‘guilty’ were definitely written in response to this.

No Justice is very similar but I actually wrote that about a bank robbery just blocks from my house. It was in broad daylight and they could’nt catch the thieves. Most likely because the cops were doing a “very dangerous” assignment of patrolling the million dollar homes instead of the west side that is more…um, Blue Collar.

The 2008 crises affected a huge number of Americans, wealthy AND poor. Only the billionaires were unscathed cause they got bailed out by the government. It’s something that has changed our country for a long time to come. At least, however, we aren’t just living in a daydream like most Americans have always done. It forced a lot of people to wake up and face reality.

Unemployment rates and the height of the minimum wage in the USA is just depressing. Does the financial position holds people back from visiting gigs or buying records?
Thankfully people are coming out to gigs more and more. Our scene is picking up. People definitely don’t have as much money for records or merchandise, though. They are looking for value for their money. And I respect that.

Darrel, you are a West Ham United fan. Even though i’m not a specialist in geography i know that California is quite far from London. So how did you became a Hammer?
Ah, THE most popular question. Well, when i was growing up, in a VERY small town, records were hard to come by so I would save my money and go down to one local shop that had imports. I would buy almost every English band they had. I got turned on to The Business, Rejects, Sparrer this way. There was always talk of West Ham, and I was very intrigued by what seemed to be a hell of a lot of FUN! So, when we finally started getting soccer on TV over here, It just kinda stuck. People would ask, “Who do you like?” “Well, West Ham, of course!” It seems many skins in my age group are also Hammers. Its basically the first F.C. we knew of.

You’re currently working on a new record. Last time you said you just recorded some demo tracks for it. Can you already tell more about the new record? I suppose it’s on Pirate Press (USA) and Contra (Europe) again?
Yes! Currently we are halfway through recording and we couldn’t be happier! It will be on Longshot/Pirate Press and Contra again. It is being produced By Lars Fredriksen and he has been absolutely brilliant to work with. He has helped us out a lot!

In may you will tour through Europe. Can you tell a bit more about it yet? Are all dates filled or can people still book gigs?
Yes, we will be over in may for a short trip from the 9th till the 21st. I believe most dates are booked, But contact Contra if you think you want us to come to your town. We are looking forward to it. Its our second time over. The shows, people and beer are all BRILLIANT!

Do you have any closing comments?
Just thanks to everyone in USA and Europe who comes out and supports us. We are very grateful! Thanks to those who do ‘zines, record labels and book shows! You are the lifeblood of this scene!!! Cheers, Come on You Irons!!!


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