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PRINS CARL (Sweden – streetpunk)

Yet another promising new band from Sweden. Although ‘new’ isn’t exactly the right description for a band that exists since 2001. After a debute album in early 2011 the band recently returned with a new demo. As i was surprised by the quality of the recent demo i contacted the band for an interview. All questions are answered by Johan (guitar & vocals).
January 2012 – band website

Can you shortly introduce the band and the members?
Prins Carl is a punkband that started in Västerås, Sweden in about 2001 under the name Buccaneers as a poor excuse to drink and to have something to do. The band started out as a four man band with Johan on Guitar, Björn on Bass, Mange on Vocals and John on Drums. Mange got tired of our drinking and soon dropped out and left the band, so Johan took the mic (for a short while he thought).

The years passed and so did the drummers, but now after ten years this is the bands line up:
Johan Andersson – Vocals and Guitar
Björn Andersson – Bass
Micke Ringström – Drums
Stefan Olovsson – Guitar and Vocals

I understood you are named after a boat. Can you tell what’s the story behind this boat?
It’s a story about a man named Johan Nordlund. In the year 1900 he was released from prison after a few minor crimes. He was determent to take revenge on mankind, his plan was to enter the steamer Prins Carl, kill everyone on board and steel everything that had a value.

His plan didn’t work because his dagger that he was suppose to use broke when he stabbed one of the passengers. He then had to use his guns which made to much noise. He got caught and was executed in our town. He was the last one in Sweden to lose his head by an axe.

Björn found this story in a newspaper and placed it on his toilet wall. Every time you took a dump you got stuck in the story. The story got stuck in the head and we ended up writing a song about it. We then changed our band name after it. Actually we had a few funny names before we decided for Prins Carl. Buccaneers, Promqueens, White Trash Bulldog, White Trash.

Last December you recorded a few new tracks. Compared to your ‘New Order’ CD the new recordings sound much better…
We don’t really think that we have changed at all. We are still the same childish band that we’ve always been. We try to do the same kind of music like we did from the start.

The funny thing is that New Order is recorded in a studio while the demo is recorded in our rehearsal room with crappy microphones. We just pushed ‘rec’ and rehearsed. Its pretty cool that it ended up with such good sound. We didn’t really have any plans for this recording, just to hear how the new songs sounded.

If you listen you can hear small errors and mistakes here and there. But people seem to like the new recording so maybe this is the way to do our new record?!

Your debute record was called ‘New order’. To which order does it refer?
The government nowadays in Sweden is ruled by the right wing assholes. They fucked up the system that Sweden was famous for; Pensions, health care and help for the unemployed. Now the rich got it better and the poor got it worse. New Order refers to the New Order we need!

Your song ‘Carnaval in Greece’ is a salute to Alex Grigoropoulos, 1 15 year old Greek punk kid who got murdered by cops during protests. His death a huge impact on large parts of Greek society, which impact did has death had on you?
I used to live in Greece a few years back. When i returned to Sweden my Greek friends came to visit me. After there week in Västerås they returned to Greece. The day after i spoke to them and heard that they got caught up in a huge riot.

They were panicked and wanted me to help them get to the media about the truth. The media all around the world just showed the side that the Greek government wanted them to see. This was offcourse not the truth. Manny of the lines in the song is taken straight from our conversation.

The year 2012 started disappointing with a german tour that got cancelled. Do you have any other plans for 2012 in terms of tours or releases?
No, haha. We got nothing booked for the moment but we really want to do as many gigs as possible. So if anybody wants to book us you can contact us on prinscarl@gmail.com

The next record will probably be released in 2013. So this year we will concentrate on doing as many gigs as we can! For more info and stuff check out our website.

Cheers from Prins Carl!


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