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BANKROBBERS (Italy – ska)

Recently i picked up the debute CD from The Bankrobbers. These Italian scooterists blend 2-tone ska with an Italian rage. Their ‘Our Times’ album features guest appearances by members from Los Fastidios, RedSka and Statlito, so that will give you a hint about their sound.
January 2012 – band website

First the usual question. Can you shortly introduce the band and the band members?
We play together since september 2010, we are with eigth members:
Bestia – Vocals
Nino – Guitar & backing vocals
Conte Fraska – Guitar & backing vocals
Spada – Bass guitar & backing vocals
Ste – Drums
Rico – Trombone
Luca – Trumpet
Big Bamboo – Saxophone

We ended the first year with 42 gigs, and we are really proud of this because in Italy it’s not so easy finding places to play. The members are united in friendship and in music, in fact we usually write songs all together; so, on the cd you won’t find specified authors but ‘The Bankrobbers’.

I’m curious about the origin of your bandname. We’re currently in a major economical crisis which was also caused by the bankingsystem. Or does your name refer to the romantic idea many of us have about doing the perfect bankrobbery and submerging with all the money to a sunny island?
Ah ah ah, we like the second suggestion! No, our name is a tribute to The Clash. They have a song called ‘Bankrobber’.

Having said that, we recognize that our name is really appropriated in this historical moment for the reason you mentioned. Banks have led the world into a hard situation, we can feel it very clearly in Italy…

What is the status of the band? The Bankrobbers share bandmembers with bands like Los Fastidios, RedSka and Statlito, bands that all have a full tour schedule.
We have to specify… The names that you read on the back of our CD have collaborated with us for this album; it’s not a band ‘enlargement’. Most of them are old friends of ours that didn’t think twice to help us.
We play together in festival or gigs, but we are not part of a big band! Of course we’ve been really honored to receive their help and support.

You have a song about scooters. Do any of you own a scooter? Are scooters very populair in Italy since Vespa is an Italian brand?
Scooters are our second passion! Four of us are Vespa-riders, we have enstablished a scooter club called ‘Scooter Bastards Scooter Gang’, we go to rallies and we will play at the Italian Rally!

Unfortunately, most of the people see Vespa and scooter in general as a fashion. To us it’s freedom! Taking a ride, being with friends, meeting new people… It’s like we say in our song ‘Scooter Boy’; it’s not fashion, it’s pride.

On the internet circulates a version of the song ‘skinhead ballad’ which is different than the version on your CD. From which recording session is this different version?
The version you can find on the internet is from an old demo-tape we released at the end of 2010. It was a 3 tracks demo-tape that we gave at our first gigs. That version of ‘Skinhead Ballad’ was also included at the Mad Butcher’s ‘Skannibal Party volume 10’ compilation.

A spanish guy found the song and he made the video that circulates on the internet.

Instead of the regular copyright your CD has “some rigths reserved”. Was this opensource-concept initiated by the recordlabels or by the band? What’s your view on copyright in general?
Neither us nor the label liked copyright rules, but we had to find a solution to protect our tracks. We found the community of ‘creative commons’ that gives people the possibility to protect their artistic works without money. So our songs are protected from plagiarism and, at the same time, people can listen to them everywhere and anyway.

Is there anything you’d like to add to the interview?
We like to thank our label – Anfibio Records – that made this album possible, our recording studio that beared us for two month, of course you for this interview and all the people that will listen to our music.

See you down the stage!

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Bankrobbers – Our Times CD


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