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ULTIMATUM (Columbia – streetpunk / hardcore)

Ultimatum from Columbia, South-America, was founded in 1999. The band started as an Oi! band, but during the years the band added more and more metal and hardcore influences. The band is currently working on a new EP, a second full-length and will cross the ocean in 2012 for their first European tour. All questions were answered by Carlos.
December 2011 – band website

Can you shortly introduce the band and the members?
We are Ultimatum from Colombia, our influences are Oi!, punkrock, and metal music. The bandmembers are:
German – vocals, Mauricio – guitar, Oscar – guitar, Daniel – bass and Carlos – drums

Although the band was founded in 1999 you only released a demo and one full-length. Are you slow songwriters or were there other reasons why you don’t have more releases?
Ultimatum had a long rest for various years because our first singer moved to France and the band faced their ending. After German and me (Carlos) teamed up the band came back to play again.

The reason is it wasn’t easy for us to record a cd because it was very expensive to record. We didn’t had the right jobs to pay for the recordings. In Columbia recording a CD is mostly for to rock and pop stars. After working very hard we finally managed to record a demo, our cd Pateando Hasta El Final and various songs to some compilations released in various countries.

At the moment it’s still not easy but we are currently composing, playing and recording for our second album and for a dvd of Ultimatum’s history.

You released your debute record through KB records. I was surprised by this as KB mainly focus on music sung in german while you sing in spanish. Was it difficult for KB to get your music promoted?
I don’t think it’s easy for KB Records to promote our music because we speak a different language. But slowly KB Records and us show that we speak the same language: Oi! and punk music is the streets language – so all of us play the soundtrack of the streets.

You have plans for an european tour in june 2012. Are you the first punk band from Columbia to cross the ocean?
Oh no my friend, we are not the first from Colombia. In the past bands like Demencia Libertaria, Desarme, Sistema Sonoro Skartel and Policarpa y Sus Viciosas crossed the ocean. All of them are our friends and now we want to follow their steps and play in Europe. Many of our favorite bands are from Europe and our dream is to share a stage with them.

For this reason we are working very hard to collect money. We are constantly playing and collecting. Still we have not all money and for this reason we ask support from our friends if they can donate some money to our travel. We are also writing to all our contacts to aks if they can organize some concerts. At this moment we have some dates booked, but some dates are still free and we are waiting for more friends for dates and invitation for festivals to play there. If somebody of you can support us just write me to longinus_1@hotmail.com

How is the punk scene in Columbia? I have the impressions that your scene is very political, how do you – as non political band – get along with this?
The Colombian punk scene is very big. There are many bands, many concerts, many young kids. Because our country is in crisis, people search in ideological groups for some solution. As band we sing about social themes and we have our own ideology, but we dont support any political group, simply because we think they don’t have a valid solution. But we want to make clear we absolutely hate racism and fascism; we understand that all people are different and everyone want to be free.

In Colombia we play for everyone who want to hear us and it’s easy for us to have fun with punks, skinheads and other types of people because we like almost the same things than others and hate almost the same things than them.

South-America is one of the continents where punk music is on the rise. Recently i heard demo’s and cd’s from bands from Argentina, Costa-Rica, Peru and other countries. Do you established any contacts with bands in those countries?
Of course, we are in contact with various bands from South America to release compilations, to share contacts, to exchange our band’s music or when they want to come to play here in our city; always we try to promote Latin-America bands in other countries, all of us are colleagues.

I heard there are plans for a new release – a split EP with a european band – can you tell a bit more about this?
We are recording our second album and we don’t want to wait until it’s finished. For this reason we want to do a split with an European band to show the new songs of Ultimatum. We continue to play Oi! and punkrock, but these days we sound a little harder, we include more metal rhythms and we record in a better record studio this time.

Do you have any closing comments?
Thank you very much Paul and oioimusic.com for your support. And to all our European friends, we’ll see you in Europe in 2012 when we play live we can drink with all of you. If somebody can help us with our tour please contact us.


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