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THE MOVEMENT (Denmark – mod)

After intense touring following the release of The Movement’s second album (2005) the band suddenly broke up. Not much later bandleader Lukas Sherfey released a solo record inspired by early mod and soul music. In 2010 Sherfey announced the reunion of The Movement followed by a new EP in spring 2010. All questions are answered by Lukas Sherfey (guitar & vocals)
December 2011 – band website

This spring you released a new EP, how are the reactions so far?
The album was made very quick. The EP was released on a small German label (Mad Butcher.ed) and it has sold a couple of thousand vinyls without any big promo and that’s pretty good way to start again. I can feel that we have some loyal fans who thinks that it’s great that we’re playing again. We have been playing all this year since the release, lot’s of festivals, a tour in Spain, a big Europe tour with 24 shows in a row, new places Ex Yoguslavia many requests from Russia etc. Now we’re planing a new album so we can play even more and get things rolling!!

When i listen the new EP i notice there are less soul influences, so musically it comes closer to your demo’s than your latest record. Did you choose this rougher sound to keep room left for future solo projects?
I don’t know?? I don’t think it’s less soul. The song Since you’ve been gone is almost a Wilson pickett song and Let me love you is also a soul song. It’s difficult because I write songs the way I write songs, so many songs from my solo album could be on a Movement record, and maybe some new songs could be on a new solo album? But I have no plans to make another solo album, now it’s The Movement and I’m very happy about that!

To continue on your soloproject. Before the release of your Soul Vacation CD you announced it would be released through Universal, but after a huge delay you released the album yourself. What’s the story?
It was relesed by The Movement Records and Universal publishing. There was a delay because of the distribution (Rough trade) and the promoters needed more time before the release etc… It was a good way to do it, because I had the control and I can print the album, normally we have to buy the albums from the label and we have to double price etc.. Maybe the new Movement album will be released by The Movement records?

Musically i think Soul Vacation was a logical follow-up of your Revolutionary Sympathies album, but lyricwise it has mainly love songs while Revolutionary Sympathies was half love songs and half political songs. Was there any specific reason to change this?
Yes, on Soul Vacation there were only a few political songs like The Loving and Spend My Days. But I wanted to make a record like a vacation without thinking to much. It was great just to make music and make the songs that I wanted at that time! With The Movement I have a project, and with my own stuff there’s no project! The next Movement will be very political, it’s important! I’m still angry!

Before The Movement broke up you recorded a live record at the Ernesto’s bar in Holland. Are there any plans to release these recordings?
They diddn’t wanted to release it because the band stopped, but I have never heard the recordings. I would like to hear them before I make up my mind. Maybe they are good, and maybe they are bad, but I don’t know anything. They have talked about releasing it when we were there some time ago.

Do you hav any closing comments?
See you out there!! And soon there will be a new Movement album!


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Lukas ‎Sherfey – Soul Vacation LP


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