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EMSCHERKURVE 77 (Germany – streetpunk)

After a 10″, a split LP and two full-lengths the German streetpunk band Emscherkurve 77 released a new record. In the past the band was known for their covers and sing-a-long anthems, on the new record the band choose a more serious style. Marcel (guitar) and Spiller (vocals) tell about the band, football and the new record.
December 2011 – band website

For those who don’t know you yet, can you please introduce EK77?
Marcel: My name is Marcel, i play guitar for EK77 since 2005. Spiller is on the vocals, Daniel plays the rythm guitar, Marc is on the bass and Alex play the drums. We play in this line up since three years right now.

When i take a look at the cover of your new CD, it looks way more serious than for example the cover of the Lern Ma Deutsch record. Has the band took a new direction?
Marcel: No. It’s more a tribute to the Johnny Cash or old Danzig records. We decided to do something different this time. Not the typical punk stuff. You know, some beer bottles on the cover or stuff like that.
The difference is that we have only one cover song on the record, from our buddies Dritte Wahl. The Song is called ‘Zeit bleibt stehen’.We recorded the song for a tribute CD and we like it so much, that we recorded the song again.

What is your own view on the new record? If you prepare yourself on the recordings, are there any major differences in between your latest or your first record?
Marcel: I think we went to a next level. It sounds more modern, the songwriting is better and we have a modern production this time. But all in all it is 100 percent EK77. And we have no guest performance this time. Maybe it sound a little arrogant, but we didn`t wanted some ‘help’ on this record. We know that we have some good songs and after we kicked out our old singer, we will show the world, that we can do it alone. What didn’t mean, that we never have some guests again, but this time it was not nesessary.

Ek77 recorded a shitload of covers, lots of these were recorded together with the original band. How did you arrange all these covers and are there still any bands left which you like to record a tribute to?
Spiller: I was working for a venue in Oberhausen that time as a local promoter and most of the bands on this record are old time friends and played in that venue. So we ask them before if they have some time after get in and soundcheck to record some songs with us in our practiceroom that wasnt that far from the venue that time. It took us over a year to collect them all. No, at the moment i cant think about some bands, but who knows what will happen.

Most (or all?) of your lyrics are in German. Does this make it difficult to get gigs abroad?
Marcel: I don’t think so. But maybe one day, we are going to record a best of record, with all our hits in englisch
Spiller: Without me, hahahaha….

Spiller, I remember you published a skinzine in the mid 90ies called Infa-Riot. Do you have any plans to digitalise the concent of these zines for a blog or site? It would be a great archive i suppose…
Spiller: No, i don’t think so. Most of the old interviews got lost on some old computers. Alot of interviews also were done hand written on letters, before the internet, haha. Maybe if i find some of my old discs i can republish them on facebook or elsewhere. I did so many interviews that i forgot most of it… the Hudson Falcons, Wretched Ones, Crashed Out, Saxby of Last Resort, Frankie Flame, Guitar Gangsters and even the first interview in Germany of an unknown band called Dropkick Murphys..

Football culture has a huge influence on the band and you are supporters of Rot-Weis Oberhausen (RWO), a team that plays in the Regionalliga. Is there much difference in the way supporters experience a game in the regionalliga or the First Bundesliga? Somehow i have the impression that footballfans in the second or thirth liga are way more loyal in their support for a club…
Marcel: I think the supporters in the second or thirth liga are more into it. When we found the time, we are going to the RWO too. When you are a real fan, it doesn’t matter in what divison you club is playing.

The German team is preparing for the european championship in the summer of 2012 and Der mannschaft did a good job during the qualification tournament, but isn’t it very frustrating for the people in Germany that, with the dutch team being in such a good shape, they can never win the European cup?
Marcel: Im honest, i couldn’t care less about the german football team haha.


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