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THE PROWLERS (Canada – Oi!)

Throughout the years The Prowlers became Canada’s premier Oi! band. After a few releases and lots of gigs the band also managed to establish a name on a more international scale. After i saw the band on their european tour in 2004 it took years to hear any news about them. Now with a new line-up things are on the roll again. All questions were answered by Sylvian (vocals).
november 2011 – band website

Can you introduce the band and the members? Do any of the members have experience in past bands?
The Prowlers are an anti-racist band from Montreal, based on the loyalty of their friends and their supporters. The band has had many line up changes in the past ten years. In the current line up there’s Sylvain (original singer), Stephane (original drummer), John (previously in The Brains), Martin (previously in L.E.S Stiches and Jerk Appeal) and Jaime (currently in Overpower).

Last few years it has been very quiet with The Prowlers and honestly i though you quit. What’s the reason of this long silence?
We just took a longer break than it was expected. There was a lot of things moving in our personal life and you start skipping practice and refusing gig and the first thing you know you haven’t played for four or five years. Some of us had kids or new jobs, there was no specific reason for this break.
When we decided to get back Stephane and I wanted some change in the attitude and focus more on writing new stuff and touring. We wanted to bring people on board that would bring the same spirit in the band.

As band you have always been very active with gigs and touring, you were also one of the first Canadian Oi!/punk bands who came to Europe. But when it comes to releasing records you were less active. What’s the reason for this? Are you slow songwriters or does it has to do with the many line-up changes?
I think the main reason has to do with the various line up change. Maybe we are slow writer as well but when you you always have someone new in the band, you focus on getting ready to play gigs with your current material. As I mention earlier this is now a priority for us to write new material, we just release a split CD with Produzenten Der Froide, and hopefully our next full lenght will be release in the summer of 2012.

Last june you played two gigs in Mexico. How was the crowd reacting to the band and how did you arrange those gigs?
We were very surprise to see that a lot of people owned our records and knew our songs up there. The crowd during the show was just amazing it was one of our best gig ever. They contacted us maybe three months prior to the event and we had great hospitality up there, Mexican people certainly know how to organise a big event. It was great to see that they have a huge anti racist scene and that they are proud to show it.

You just released a split CD with German’s Produzenten der Froide…
The CD was release in july 2011 and both bands have five songs on it. It was a priviledge to do this split with a band like PDF that are now good friends. We were curious to see the results in studio because we were recording with three new members and I was happy to see the results. It still sounds like The Prowlers and this was a must for us.

You have the image of beeing a political band, do you also consider yourselves to be a political band?
We are political in a sense that we are an anti racist band. Our lyrics don’t talk about politics for the moment but it is clear on what side of the fence we stand. We are not a communist or a redskin band but that doesn’t allow us to play gigs with right wing band, this will never happend. It seems that these days every band that claim to be non political end up doing gigs with right wing band, I personally dont think you can claim to be non political when you do such actions.

During the years Canada has always delivered goog Oi! bands. I remember the Street Troopers and Jeunesse Apartide and more recently Jenny Woo. Is there a strong scene in Canada and can you name a few current bands which are worth mentioning?
Yes, Street Troopers and Jeunesse Apatride are good ands and they remain good friends of ours. If you like hardcore I think Union Made is a band you need to check out, three of the members are from Street Troopers. Jenny is also a good choice and she’s doing a good name for Canada. There is also bands like Buddha Bulldozer, Scab Coma, The Payrolls, Overpower and The Rookers that are worth checking out.

What are the future plans and do you have any closing comments?
We are looking to go play europe sometimes in the first part of 2012 but nothing confirmed yet. We are also in the process of writing our next album that we can hopefully complete before the end of 2012. We are also doing a show in Montreal on December 7th with Street Dogs. Thanks a lot to you for this interview and long life to oioimusic.com!


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The Prowlers – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow LP

The Prowlers – Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow CD

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