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S a i n t s & S i n n e r s (Czech Republic – Oi!)

Last month the Czech rock’n’Oi! band Saints & Sinners (formerly known as ‘Skinhead Times’) published their first song. Despite being a new band, the band is working hard to earn theirslves a reputation. Questions were answered by Tomas (bass & vocals)
October 2011 – band website

You just published your first song, but instead of the usual demo you came up with the original idea of a youtube video. Why?
For a new band, it’s the best to make their music as accessible as possible, so we decided to share the song Voice of the Streets on youtube, our profiles, myspace and everywhere… A classic demo can only get to so many people and we think that would be a shame.

Within a few weeks you’ll release your second song. It has guest vocals by Jenny Woo, how – as young unknown band – did you manage to record a songs with someone from overseas?
Yes, we will have Jenny Woo as a guest on our song Last of the Gang. Initially we wanted to ask Frankie Flame from London, who we know personally, but in the end we asked Jenny who went for it. She liked our ideas and we also have great respect towards her work and her activity on the scene. We love her melodic pieces and she does have some amazing quality material both on Alberta Rose and on the new split with Discharger. And we believe that next year, we’ll be able to play a gig together when she’s on her European tour.

Do you already have plans for a first real release?
It’s too early to plan now but we will definitely start looking for a label that would release our first new Cd. We are working on more songs and try to put as much in as we can. One of our songs will come out in January on a CD Sampler ‘This is Oi!… Not a fashion’ on a German record company. If any label should be interested, please get in touch, it’d be an honour.

About the bandname, on the internet (where else?) i read some people said your bandname is a cliché, while i personally interpretate it as a tribute to The Oppressed. What’s your motivation for choosing this bandname?
First important thing is that we will change our bandname in close future, we received a very good offer from a record label and we decided that Skinhead Times will be our second name. So keep in touch! (laughter).

Skinhead Times could be a cliché for one but it’s also paying a tribute to the skinhead culture in general. The skinhead culture has been revolving around the same themes for decades, which is simply because the working class life and the life in our cities is still similar. I personally don’t mind. The motivation for this name was to honour the Oi! cult: it’s a memory of the great George Marshall’s zine, which was out in the 90’s (I have almost all of the, although it was pretty hard!), of an amazing song by The Oppressed (with one of the best lyrics ever) and last but not least of the times that we’ve been through in our scene.

How is the current scene in the Czech republic? I’m familiar with the Prague Trojan Skins and Kids & Heroes magazine, but i honestly don’t know much bands from there…
Our scene has lately gone down a little (concerning skins, punkrock’s doing well and lots of people go to gigs), but many people just started living a normal life or moved on to this a-political world where they don’t mind sharing the same believes with RAC-bands such as Kill Baby Kill. On the other hand, there is quite a large group of skins and punx from cities like Jablonec, Prague, České Budějovice or Plzeň, which keep it on. Many of them are Bohemians 1905 or St. Pauli fans and they feel very strongly about it. There are some new faces too but I think the scene will always be quite small – but hopefully strong and finally together as one.

Prague Trojan Skins are the crew around Bohemians1905 and Kids & Heroes have the best Czech punk oi ska hc website. Respect for their effort. And bands which play Oi! around here – Muerti, Crossczech, Pilsner Oiquell, Operace Artaban, Proti Směru.. Bands like The Riot and Disdainful don’t play any more I think. There’s not so much going on, so hopefully, it will get better.

Do you have any closing comments?
Thanks so much for the interview, I watch oioimusic.com regularly and I must say that I see a lot of hard work and love for Oi!-music. Thanks for the support and hope to see you at some gig. Cheers from Prague! And don’t forget at the fourth of nobember we will publish our next song and new bandname! Hell Yeah!


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