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NO MAN’S LAND (Indonesia – Oi!)

Indonesia is one of the countries with a growing skinhead scene. On a regular base i discover new good bands from that country. One of the longest running Indonesian Oi! bands is No Man’s Land. Founded in 1994 they are one of the pioneers in the skinhead scene overthere. Recently the band played with The Last Resort and currently they are working on a new record. All questions answered by Didit.
October 2011 – band website

Can you introduce the band, who are the members?
No Man’s Land are me (Didit) on vocals & guitar, Didik on drums, Catur on bass and Ferry on guitar. Musically we are influenced by British Oi! bands as The 4-Skins, The Last Resort, The Business, The Oppressed, Cockney Rejects and many more. We formed the band before I became a skinhead, we were in the punk scene at that time, but we prefer listening to just mentioned bands. The members today are the same as when we were started and never changed until today.

Can you tell a bit about the history of the band and what did you released so far?
I took the bandname from a war film I watched when I was in junior school. I like that film, but we had another meaning of that words for ourselves. No Man’s Land means that no one of us actually never belongs to this earth, we’re all just passing through. I got it when I saw some friends, brothers and someone died. They leave all things behind what they fought for during their lifetime, such as their house, property, car etc. Now the owner is some one else who still lives.

We have some releases, most are available as cassettes through local label too. Our greatest release is our contribution to the Anti Disco League compilation by Temple Combe Recs (from Phil Templars). We’d like to thank him for putting us on that compilation and awaiting for the next projects.

You started in 1994, where you one of the first Oi! bands in Indonesia or are there any older Oi! bands? Can you tell a bit how the skinhead scene in Indonesia started and developed?
I think there were some Oi! bands before us in other places in Indonesia, such as The End, Sixtols, etc. Some bands splitted up and others still exist. The Oi!-scene developed slowly here, maybe most people prefer the faster music I don’t know, because I saw other scenes growing bigger than us. No problem, I think it’s all depends on the consistency not just following with ignoring. But now we are growing bigger and bigger as they see.

First time I know listened to Oi! was through a mate who brought some CD’s from The Last Resort. I still remember, it was a split CD album with Combat 84. After that i listened The Strike and The Betrayed, then I borrowed it and listen to the bands. I was the first man in town who claimed himself as skinhead. There were other skinheads in other places like Jakarta. Back in those days I thought we had the first skinhead scene in Indonesia, but then we got in touch with skinheads from other cities.

So me and my mates in other cities helped the cult growing bigger until today. There are a lot of bands and people who got involved with the skinhead culture in Indonesia during these 17 years and I hope our scene will become an integral part of the skinhead history world wide, in the world of the skinheads.

A while ago you played with the Last Resort in Indonesia. Where they the first european Oi! band to play in Indonesia? Can you tell a bit more about the gig?
No, another European Oi! bands has been here before, but they were not as legendary as the Last Resort. The Last Resort could be the first Oi! legend who played here.

The Last Resort played in two places, in Jakarta and Malang. It were great gigs, because people could see the legends for real, people have been waiting for this oppurtunity for a long time. Not only did we saw band performing live, but we were also able to talk with them and to introduce the scene here. It was exciting, both for the lads as well as for The Last Resort as they told me. People can watch the short documentary we made in youtube (link).

We collected money from all our mates to make it possible. Some funds we got by collecting used news paper and reselling it. There is no professional organizer, it was pure a collective funds. And we opened the door for free when the Last Resort appeared on stage. Hopefully all the lads were able to see them.

You profile yourself as being a non-political skinhead band. Why is the label non-political such important to you?
Once i made my own analysis by typing the word ‘skinhead’ in google and what I got? The thoughts that skinheads form a neo nazi movement or some organization which is connected with the extreme right-wing are very common. People don’t know what skinhead really means. Mainstream media were remarked as they wrote and never seeing from the cover both sides. For political purposes the name of the skinheads was stolen, but as skinhead i know it was never meant to be about politics. So, I don’t want people to see our band as an extreme nationalist participant, it’s Oi! band, it’s a brotherhood Oi! band.

In western media we often hear about major troubles in Indonesian society between christians and muslims. Is this also an issue that affects the skinhead scene in Indonesia?
What was/is happening here not really as big as the media told. But it’s true, some bomb terrors caused a horror in the society, not only for chistians, but also for us as a muslims. For we all know it’s not about religion or ethnicity, it is POLITICS! Some shit politicians hide theirselves behind the sensitive area (religion/ethnicity) for their own purposes. I think it happens in many countries where politicians think they have a potential for getting the goals, it depends on the society it self. It might have a different name and might focus on different issues in each places, but it creates a huge effect by using sensitive topics. Here it are suicide bombers causing troubles, somewhere else it might by neo-nazi’s who cause troubles.

But no, those issue have no effect to the skinhead scene here in Indonesia, we are not dumb enough to get involved in politics. We are live in harmony with people from different religions, ethnicity and culture. Racist, fascist or political organisations have no chance in our scene!!!.

You are working on a new record. Can you tell a bit more about this?
Big thanks to Oishop Germany, who wants to release our stuff. I wish we could be more a part of the international skinhead scene, not only for the band, but much more to introduce our scene to the world. I always try to encourage labels in Europe and America to support the bands from here.

Is there anything you’d like to add to the interview?
Thank you oioimusic.com for this nice interview, you are just helping us to share our band with the world and it’s a pleasure. Feel free write to us and i hope people enjoy our stuff.


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No Man’s Land / The Young’s Boot – Malang Skinhead E.P.

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