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Next to Ikea and Abba Sweden also offers some good Oi!-bands. After a decent debute record in autumn 2010 the band recently released a new EP. Slowly things start rolling and after Italy the band will also play in Germany and Denmark. All questions answered by Niclas.

September 2011 – band website

Can you introduce the band and the members? Do any of the members have experience in past bands?
The band is Per on bass and vocals, Niclas on guitar and Gustaf on drums. We all have experience since before, but Gustaf is the one with the most recent band, he drums for a band call Vindicate This! besides Oldfashioned Ideas.

Where does your bandname refers to? Is it only nostalgia to past times or also a reaction towards the new school punk & emo bands?
I guess you could say a bit of both, but not in way where we’re rabid about it. But we do draw more influence from past bands then from our contemporaries.

How would you describe your sound and which bands influence you?
Most people regards us as an Oi! band, and that is not wrong, but we’re equally as much a punk band I would say. So I guess for someone that never heard us before I would say Oi!-punk with gritty vocals and singalong choruses. Or at least that’s what we try to do.


A year ago you debuted with a full-length. Did you released any demo’s before?
No, we didn’t do any demos before the full length actually, apart from some recordings done at rehearsal that we put up on Myspace. But we started playing live very soon after forming, and we were very well recieved right from the start, and the interest we gained where enough to be able to do a record and actually sell some copies as well, and for that we are very grateful.

After your CD you released an EP. Although both releases have a similar sound i think the EP sounds more mature. How do you listen to both releases?
Personally I’m pretty pleased with both releases, but as always there are things that could have been done better when you look back. But these songs were all recorded and mixed in just one weekend, so time was very limited. But to answer your question, I think the full-lenght is good but I can see why people might think that the EP is better. It has one fast and one slower side and maybe appears to be more thought through.

When i think of Sweden i of course think of Perkele and more recently bands as On the Job and Double Knock Out. Any other bands you recommend?
There are actually many good bands apart from the ones you already mentioned, and many of them are also good friends. Bands like Antipati, Gatans Lag, The Clichés, and of course Agent Bulldogg.


This summer you played in Italy. How were the reactions towards your band as you’re a relatively new band?
Italy was great, and we where very well recieved I think. People knew our lyrics and where singing along and everything, so we’re very happy with that. Great people, great bands, I hope we can go back again next year.

What are the future plans and do you have any closing comments?
Next up is the SKINS gig in Germany in October, and then Germany again in November and then we finish the year in Copenhagen, Denmark with Perkele and On The Job. Should be great gigs all of them hopefully, and maybe some more will be added.
Apart from that we have our second album recorded, and that should be out before the year is over if everything goes according to plans. We’re also working on a split release with a British band, more news on that one later. So we’re keeping pretty busy, and hope that people will keep on enjoying it. Thanks Paul for the interview, and keep up the good work with the webzine!


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Oldfashioned Ideas – Fight Back EP


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