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Bootstock (Croatia – Oi!)

Croatia’s Bootstock recently released an impressive second demo. The band plays a mixture of Oi! with some punk and ska-core influences. The band speaks about Croatia and the band’s future. All questions were answered by Gabud (vocals).

September 2011 – band website

Can you shortly introduce the band and the members?
Bootstock… Zgela – lead guitar, Belec – solo guitar, Dac – bass guitar, Djuka – drums and Gabud – vocals. We play since 2001. Since then the name of the band changed and also some members left, except the vocalist and the lead guitarist. Most of the songs are seven or eight years old. Most of the lyrics are about streetlive, friendship, drinking and having fun and struggle to survive!

Recently you released a demo. Was this your first demo? How are the reations so far?
It’s our second demo. The first one was fucked up and it was mainly recorded for our crew and even released without a cover. This demo was recorded in some cheap studio, but the reactions are very positive, especially because we are playing more often now. The time is on our side at the moment, so we manage to play more gigs recently.

Where does your bandname reffers to? Is it a parody on Woodstock?
It reffers to a lot of boots stomping together (laughter), and it also sounds good as a parody on Woodstock, that’s true.

You are a Croatian band. How is the scene overthere? Any band worth mentioning?
The scene is rising every day, you can say it was better a few years ago. I think we should have more new bands with a good message… Fakofbolan was the band that had the most impact on the scene here, they are playing once in a while now, but they rocked the scene up in whole Croatia (kick ass streetpunk). Šank is one of the band that’s rising really fast. They have a good potencial…


About twent years ago Yugoslavia fell apart, which resulted in a bloody war in between Serbia, Croatie and Bosnia… Still there are some troubles in between the countries like for example with Kosovo. Which impact has this on current society? Is it possible to play together with bands from just mentioned countries?
That was twenty years ago, so the situation is better now and normal. The skins and punks are above all that shit, but it remains something you can’t forget ofcourse. We are playing with Serbian bands and we get along, we are even hanging out together. If we don’t talk about serious political shit, we can all work together and have fun. Kosovo is an issue between Albanian people and Serbs and we don’t interfere except in some black jokes like every balkan people does about politics sometime.

Your demo sounded very good. Are there already any labels who showed interest or do you have any other plans for future releases?
Thanks! We can do a release with some local labels, but there aren’t many and you have to have connection, time and money… In the future we will do some better recordings and also with some new songs, that is our plan at the moment.

Do you have any closing comments?
If you have some gigs for us we will gladly come to play! Enjoy good music, fight for justice and have a beer with your friends… cheers mate!!


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