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7er JUNGS (Germany – Oi!)

Next up is an interview with the German Oi! band 7er Jungs. After an excellent debute record in 2005 they recorded some songs for compilations and split EP’s. I asked them some questions about these years of relative silence, the skinhead subculture and their other activities. Answers by Markus (guitar & vocals).

November 2010 – band website


As non-german speaker i’d like to know why you’re called the 7er Jungs when you’re just with the three of you…
It’s about the city we’re coming from. We are from Porz/Rhein, which is a small city next to Cologne. To become a bigger city Cologne stole our right to be a city to gain the status of a big city and our once dear hold city turned into a district. Today Porz/Rhein is the 7th district so we decided to call the Band 7er Jungs in the meaning of ‘Boys from the 7th disctrict’.
But yes we are with three people: It’s Fabbe – bass, Florian – drums and me – guitar & yelling stupid shit, haha.

Your debute record dates from 2005. What happened the last five years and when can we expect a new record?
A lot of shit happened. First of all our drummer left the band and it wasn’t easy to find another one who would fit within the place he left. We had a few rehearsal sessions with people who wanted to play the drums, but first of all we want somebody who’s involved in our subculture so he knows what we are talking about. Besides we are not interested in someone who calls himself a skinhead and is doing shit like drugs or stuff like that. That, especially in the area where we are coming from, made it difficult to find someone who would fit into the band.

The band was raised as a product of friendship and I’ve made enough stupid projects and compromises in the past, with folks who wanted to play in a band, to know that this shit is not working. If you’re not feeling well in a band, or the people in the band don’t share the same ideas it will lead to nothing except for wasted time. Never the less we got it managed to record some songs for some compilations, a split single with our friends of KrawallBrüder and now the new tracks of the Oppressed/7er Jungs split EP.

We are happy we found a proper drummer in Florian now. He is the drummer of one of the oldest skinhead bands in Germany, Boots & Braces. I’m sure you heard about the band before. Although he lives in Berlin (and is not able to answer an email without an delay of 3-4 months…) it’s good to have someone on your side who’s willing to work on the same things. As you see time is the biggest problem we have to deal with. We can’t rehearse like other bands, can’t figure out live sets like others.. but, at least, that gives us the chance to say what we feel to say, without being afraid to face shit like cancelled gigs, lost shows or some kind of ‘authority’ putting pressure on us because of lies and narrow minded shit beliefs, like it seems to be ‘the way’ to fuck around with you by some narcissistic cunts here in Germany today.

So maybe that’s the best way to act as a skinhead band these days – showing two fingers to a music industry feels better than to cope with stupid shit people want me to swallow. We would like to record a few EP’s in the future, due to the fact of being fucked by this little whore called ‘time’ this is easier to arrange than recording a full length album. The first album One Pride Fits All is sold out, so it will be re-released and maybe contain some bonus stuff. We are also asked if we would like to release a full length album collecting all songs we released on compilations and other stuff that we collected through the years and that has never been released before. At this point we wanna thank EVERYBODY who supported us and spend his hard earned money for our band!! We play for YOU!! – not for a music industry, not for trendy cunts and not for some kind of stupid fame. Skinhead is not a sell-out culture!


Members of the band are also involved in Bezirk7 mag. Can you tell something about it?
Bezirk 7 is the Fanzine I’m working on. It’s also available on the internet via 505crew.de. It’s a skinhead mag that deals with everything that’s important for the skinhead scene: subculture, concerts, music, meetings, provocation, football, fun, etc. For me it has always been important to do something FOR this subculture, not only to TAKE from it. It fills me with pride to do that! Next to scene related things I’m always interested in featuring stuff that kicks ass – like for example Rose Tattoo, who had a huge interview in the last issue and seemed to be very open minded and informed about the skinhead way of life! It was great to do this!

You are not the youngest anymore. Can you tell me when and how you can in touch with the skinhead culture and the meaning it has to you?
Haha, thank you mate! Yes I’m 30 going on 31… I got infected by the skinhead virus around 1993. Not the best time in Germany for this subculture, because the media did their best to create a stereotype of skinhead that is (still today) for most of the people close to a Neo Nazi, national-socialism, burning houses and people and pure xenophobia. Next to these things, nation-wide broadcasted in the media, I found out about ‘the other truth’ about skinhead that was NOT written in the papers, and that had nothing to do with the blood-dripping horror stories created by the liars from the media, who – shame on them – also back in those days knew, that this was just a forced lie to sell their stories to a society that was greedy about gearing new shocking tales, the more blood the better. I loved the tradition, the style, the music, everything! For me I can say that I love this subculture. It was my first love and even if ‘she’ is sometimes making me feel strange by the folks she’s hanging with and also upsets me from time to time, I can’t let her go, haha.. might sound stuid, but it’s just like that. Everything I am today is based on the strongest and most honourable subculture that has ever crossed my heart!


In your lyrics you take stand against politics in the skinhead scene, but why you never profiled yourself as a sharp band? Why does the sharp-label feels uncomfortable with you?
I’ve never said that this label feels uncomfortable for me. I grew up with the original sharp slogan/meaning ‘neither red nor racist’ and I live this for more than 15 years now. I think extreme political beliefs should have no place in any subculture, especially in the skinhead scene as it got poisoned in the past by right wing politics and extreme right wing beliefs. Next to that a curious thing for me is, that the people who are cursing about SHARP the most have been the reason why SHARP was founded. For me SHARP has never been a movement, more a natural thing of self-conception of skinhead way of life, roots & heritage.

Today SHARP for some people seems to be something close (or even the same) to redskins and extreme left-wing politics and communism. I still think that this is not the same. I can live a life apart from party political left-wing beliefs without being a nazi, but have a say against people who have nothing in common with the things they are trying to be, like for example national-socialists claim to be skinhead. If you think white supremacy should be the deal, become an organized racist, if you think national-socialism will solve your problems, become a fuckin’ nazi – but what has all this to do with skinheads?! Nothing! I’m not interested in hammer and sickles nor in swastikas and I think both are the best way to become extremely narrow minded and to give yourself the best push to hate everybody who’s not on your side for awfully wrong beliefs.

If you ask me if I hate people, yes I do! I hate stupid people that should be the enemy! And I don’t like people who call themselves ‘open minded to everything’ but are more narrow minded than the most conservative bastard they claim to fight. All this extremism just causes nothing but extremism. Everyone who’s not on your side becomes your enemy, but most of the time it’s just YOU pushing people in your own eyes to the opposite side of yours. There’s no place to differentiate anymore. Sadly not everybody who’s an antifa is far away of using fascistic tactics, not everybody who likes his country is a fascist, that I’m not part of an extreme left-wing political side doesn’t mean that I can’t be against fascistic beliefs or that I’m open minded to the other side, etc. I’m fed up with all this extremist shit and people wanting me to join a side to get some kind of an ‘attestation’ from them that says that I’m ‘good’, ‘right’, ‘ok’ or whatever… Is it a badge, banner or a flag that makes me a better person? And if so: who decides what’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’?! People should not need labels to live their life, but strong beliefs and a clear mind!

You recently released a split EP with The Oppressed and on your first record you used some pics by Roddys son for the frontcover. Can you tell about the 7er Jungs/Oppressed connection?
Markus: It all started when we founded the band and started to record a few songs for a promo-CD. Well, we never thought about a promo CD in that way, but we got asked if we’d like to place songs like We salute the Skinheads or Stiefel im Gesicht on some compilations, so we figured out to record a few songs, including a cover version of The Oppressed’s We’re the Hooligans. I already had been in touch with Roddy Moreno because of an bigger interview we planed for Bezirk 7 (it was released later in the 8th issue) and I told him about the coverversion and sent it to him. He liked it and later, when Fabbe was working on the lay-out for the One Pride fits all album, I told him that it would be great to have such a front cover like the We can do anything LP Cover The Oppressed had. He said that he still would have pictures from this session and if we’d like to use it. We felt honoured, you know, I bought this record when I was younger and heard it a lot and then all of a sudden you get the chance to use one of the pictures right from this photo session for your own record. That was like turning your own past into present for us. After the release of the record I translated all the german lyrics and sent the album to Cardiff. We felt happy when he said he liked the album and that he had not given away pics of his son for something he hated, haha..


I read on the internet that some people blame you for you making The Oppressed “sleeping with enemy”. What’s the story? (this refers to some negative stories at the Oire Scene Blog)
To be honest: I don’t know what the fuckin’ story is all about! This shit was started about some extreme left-wing people who blame everybody to be a nazi who’s not sharing their ideals or who is not in the Stalin & Marx-Engels Fan Club. A thing which is (sadly) very popular here in Germany at the moment. Almost everybody who is not organized in their political movement is nazi, grauzone or open minded for fascism in their eyes. They are running a so called internet blog where they are spreading shit about people they don’t know just because THEIR narrow-minded nazi-like thinking is not willing to understand that it doesn’t makes me a racist if I’m not willing to join their political side, which is based on nothing but lies, stupidity, greed, jealousy and a way of thinking that is nearly the same they wanna fight. To make it even ‘better’ nobody knows WHO they are, they are acting without a face on the internet, trying to drive people nuts by spreading lies and half- thruth shit. I’ve never been involved into any political shit – neither left wing nor right wing politics and (even those cunts don’t wanna realize or understand that) never have supported any nazi stuff nor nazi ideology. Same for the band! Every time right wing people tried to get in touch with me for a fanzine review, interview or whatever I told them I wasn’t interested in those things and to give them a platform or support for their stuff. So shit talking like this “sleeping with the enemy” stuff is a fucking Joke to me.

Already before the 7er Jungs/ Oppressed split EP was released these faceless people ‘outed’ The Oppressed as a grauzone band which is nothing but a sad joke. And after the release of the split it was ‘obvious’ for these sad jerks that Roddy was grauzone, 7er Jungs are a right-wing band and The Oppressed are a fascist band.. see how sad this shit is??! They are making a joke out of themselves. They wanna be against fascism and national-socialism? Ok, but why starting trouble where no trouble is to see? They should speak their message to the real nazis, but I think it’s easier to jerk off in front of a fuckin’ computer.


You recorded quite a few covers during the years: The Oppressed, Blitz, Combat 84 and others. When do you decide which song you play?
All these songs are like a tribute to the bands you named. We really love the first wave of Oi! and skinhead music and for us it’s timeless music! We grew up with it and still listen a lot of these old bands, so playing their songs is also a chance to keep their musical heritage alive. But I’d also would love to record a few cover versions from bands outside of this scene in the future. You know, I collect and like music from almost every ‘handmade’ kind of music and there are some great songs out there you could present to your subculture in your sound.

Do you have anything to add?
Yes. I hope Holland will NEVER win the World Cup. Thanks for the interview, Paul!


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7er Jungs – Great Days In The Blitz / They Walked In Line 7″


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